Melinda Melrose has been crowned Too Hot to Handle’s fan favourite online

Runner-up favourites are Marvin Anthony, Peter Vigilante and Emily Miller, while Joey Joy has seen the least support on Twitter to date.

Melinda Melrose has been named fan favourite of this year’s run of Too Hot To Handle, based on sentiment analysis of tweets around the show. The research, conducted as part of the Self-Made Celebs study, revealed that Melinda (28) has seen the biggest influx of positive tweets from fans of the show, compared to other contestants including Larissa Trownson, Carly Lawrence and Chase Demoor.

The Twitter sentiment analysis was conducted on tweets mentioning any of this year’s contestants from the release date of the show in late June and involved assigning a positivity and negativity score to each, to see who’s been the best received online by fans. This year’s Too Hot to Handle – which sees singles meet and mingle with the chance of winning $100,000 – was first released in the US in April and the UK in June and has seen a passionate fan base emerge online.

Melinda has been praised for her humorous nature, in awe of for her beauty and envied for her on-screen relationship with Parisian contestant, Marvin. Other contestants who have also seen a high influx of positive comments on Twitter included Marvin Anthony, Peter Vigilante and Emily Miller.

Fans are now delighted that, after circulating rumours, Melinda and Peter have confirmed that they are dating in the outside world, via a steamy Instagram post. However, it’s Joey Joy who has seen the least support from fans of the shows, perhaps due to his late arrival and lack of drama – but fans do still stan his and Carly’s relationship.

Top Ten Too Hot To Handle Contestants, based on Twitter Fan Support

  1. Melina Melrose

  2. Marvin Anthony

  3. Peter Vigilante

  4. Emily Miller

  5. Larissa Trownson

  6. Kayla Jean

  7. Carly Lawrence

  8. Christina Carmela

  9. Cam Holmes

  10.  Tabitha Clifft

Surprisingly, Kayla Jean made it into the fan favourite top 10, despite being one of the first to be eliminated from the competition, after not having established a connection with any of the other contestants.

Christina Carmela also saw her time in Too Hot to Handle come to an end in Episode 8, after having repeatedly broken the rules with British contestant, Robert Van Tromp – the two of whom are now in an off-screen relationship together!

“Although it’s clear that all the contestants featured in the analysis are hugely supported by fans of the show online, it is interesting to see how online sentiment varies from person to person.It’s also encouraging to see that the majority of interactions around the contestants on Twitter are positive – particularly given the volatile nature of online forums.” – Peter Bennett, Head of Brand Marketing at fair casino PlayOJO

To find out more about the Self-Made Celebs study, please visit the full breakdown here. The Brazilian version of one of the most successful reality shows on Netflix, produced by Fremantle, (pictured) premiered on July 21st.

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