The Paralympics’ Official Video Game launches, Parasports Grand Prix

‘The Pegasus Dream Tour’, created by JP Games, is synchronizing with the real-world event.

The mobile phone offering brings fans together in the virtual setting of Pegasus City. There they can watch highlights from the real-life games as well as participate in their own competitive Parasports Grand Prix tournament.

In line with the start of the Paralympic games the ‘Pegasus Parasports Grand Prix’, the largest official tournament, will run from tomorrow (August 25th) to Sunday, September 5th.

Players will be able to take part in competitive virtual parasport matches across 5 events: boccia, 100m sprint, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing, and football 5-a-side. In-game medals are awarded based on the total points earned during the competition.

Player’s avatars or ‘Mines’ can express themselves and show their support through stamps and emotes while watching the hotly-contested events.

Much like the real-world Paralympics as the games wrap up, visitors to Pegasus City will also be able to enjoy a spectacular Parasports Grand Prix closing ceremony. DREAMS COME TRUE will, in avatar form, perform a free in-game concert ‘Let’s Evolve!’.

A total of 9 real Paralympic athletes’ avatars, such as the boccia player Hirose Takayuki, the wheelchair basketball player Patrick Anderson, the javelin thrower Holly Robinson, and the football 5-a-side player Silvio Velo, will also appear in the ceremony in their avatar form.

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