Be warned Lawrence Chaney is Unfolded

Drag Queen superstar Lawrence Chaney launches a new online series.

Winner of the second series of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, Lawrence, stars in new series that delves into her journey since winning the show and how she manages such a busy schedule. ‘Lawrence Chaney: Unfolded’ is a three-part show staring Chaney sharing top tips on how to excel at the art of multitasking.

The programmes see the self-proclaimed Drag Queen of Scots discuss the differences between her day-to-day self and iconic stage persona and how she juggles living two very different lives, while the show was created following new research which reveals 92% of Brits switch between different personalities according to their environment.

The three-part show features the reigning Queen of UK’s Drag Race discussing why mastering the art of multitasking is as difficult as learning how-to walk in heels as she reveals the Lawrence Chaney vs Lawrence Maidment side to her personality. The online series, commissioned by Samsung KX, sees Lawrence flip between Lawrence Chaney and Lawrence Maidment as she explores her life both in and out of drag.

“Being a drag queen requires a lot of multitasking. So, if I could do my part with Samsung KX to help people follow in my footsteps and get themselves into multitasking mode, then we’ve done some good.” – Lawrence Chaney

In episode one, Lawrence Chaney, and Lawrence Maidment, sit down together to discuss their differences and how living two busy lives as two separate people in one body makes them the best to teach us on juggling our newfound personalities. The series continues with tips and tricks from the comedy queen on how to identify, implement and master the art of multitasking into your everyday life.

Her top five tips are:

  1. Stick at it – Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do with your life and don’t take no for an answer
  2. Stay in control – Make sure you prepare and know what you’re doing before you do it
  3. Be flexible – Say yes to everything that comes your way
  4. Be the best you can – Don’t be closed minded and remember that not everyone is out to get you
  5. There’s no need to conform – There’s no such thing as normal, be yourself

Staying organised can be a drag, which is why Samsung KX aims to simplify this for the average user through the Digital DNA Test, a new experience that gives visitors to the space the chance to identify their multitude of digital personas, supported by the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 handsets – the perfect devices for busy multi-taskers. The series was created following new research which Brits can deploy up to nine different personalities over the course of a day.

The research reveals that 92% of Brits adults admit that they switch between numerous personalities over the course of a day depending on whether they are working, socialising, posting on social media or spending time with their family. A Digital DNA Test at Samsung KX is open to members of the public free of charge.

The episodes can be seen on You Tube here.

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