Six young American activists profiled in The Day I Had To Grow Up

Rosso Films International have launched today their powerful documentary on Youth Activism in America.

The Day I Had To Grow Up, will celebrate its European Premiere at L’HIFF – Barcelona International Film Festival on Thursday 16th September and will be available immediately thereafter on Amazon Prime, Roku,, Plex in the US and Vimeo On Demand worldwide.

Edited by Emmy Award Winner K. Carter-Giez and Directed by Stefano Da Frè & Laura Pellegrini, The Day I Had To Grow Up showcases six activists and the events that shaped their political lives. It explores how modern children have had to cope with school shootings, climate crises, and national tragedies.

The award-winning movie has featured on numerous networks including stateside channels Fox News, CBS News and ABC News. Following the pandemic, the documentary film discusses the most potent crises affecting our youth generation today, including climate change, women’s rights, black lives matter movement, equal opportunities for education, reproductive rights, gun violence prevention and what drives them to activism.

Speaking on “Youth Activism” and the advantages that this generation has in this place in the world, charismatic student activist Jeremy Ornstein sums up the heart of the film with his answer: “Young people are best positioned to make change because we come at the intersection of criticality and hope, that we see the world’s pain and we also see the world’s possibility.”

“Youth knows the fierce urgency of now – it’s time we listen.” -Directors Stefano Da Frè & Laura Pellegrini

The Day I Had To Grow Up fetures at L’HIFF – Barcelona International Film Festival on Thursday 16th September and soon after will be available on Amazon Prime, Roku,, Plex in the US and Vimeo On Demand worldwide.

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