Research uncovers the most popular traditional UK dessert

Most Popular Dessert Recipes in the UK, Revealed.

The findings suggest that in the UK, flapjacks are the most popular traditional dessert recipe searched – 1,644,000 online searches a year on average while Carrot cake is the UK’s second favourite dessert recipe to search for with 1,284,000 annual searches on average. In third place are scones as the UK online searches for this treat are an average 732,000 per year then the classic Victoria sponge, mince pie and lemon drizzle cake also make the top ten.

People have found comfort in the kitchen now more than ever, shown by the 620% increase for ‘online recipes’ this past week in the UK on Google Trends. With the Great British Bake Off kicking off earlier this week, which sweet recipes are our favourites to search for?, interested in providing quality recipes to home cooks, sought to discover the top traditional desserts each European country is most likely to search recipes for. Using online analytics tool Ahrefs and, established the traditional dessert recipes with the highest search volumes.

The Most Popular Traditional Dessert Recipes in the UK

Within the UK, flapjack recipes are searched for a whopping 1,644,000 times a year on average – the equivalent of nearly 5,000 times a day! Made up of rolled oats, butter, sugar, and golden syrup or honey, the tasty treat’s name was first recorded in a poem written in 1620, and established in its current form in 1930.

In second place are carrot cake recipes (1,284,000 annual online searches on average). The popularity of this delicious cake was revived due to rationing in the second world war. Scone recipes take third place with an average of 732,000 annual online searches in the UK. To help settle one of the debates surrounding scones, reports that there are two methods to eating scones correctly. The Cornish way is jam spread first then cream. Whereas in Devon, which is what the Queen follows, its cream then jam.

Other European Countries

On the sunnier coast, the most searched for traditional dessert recipe in Italy is tiramisù. In Italy alone, this coffee dessert’s recipe is searched for an impressive 732,000 searches a year on average!

Sweden is next with its top-searched dessert’s recipe (kladdkaka) Googled 696,000 times a year on average. The popular Swedish cake has a gooey interior and a crisp exterior. In the Netherlands, the local’s favourite traditional dessert recipe to search for is pannenkoek – 576,000 average annual searches. Pannenkoek (pancake) is famous for adding fruit to the batter with a popular variation being ‘pannenkoeken met appel’.

Lebkuchen from Germany is Googled 432,000 annually on average. The honey-sweetened cake is part of Germany’s Christmas traditions.

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesday, September 28th, on Channel 4.


    1. In order to establish the most searched traditional dessert recipe of each European country, analysed, a centralised repository of global cuisines.
    2. Once a seed list of popular traditional desserts from each European country was established, all dessert dishes for each country were input into the online analytics tools with “recipe” to retrieve the average monthly online searches.
    3. Where appropriate, variations and translations of each dessert and term “recipe” were also considered.
    4. Average monthly search figures were multiplied by 12 to determine the average annual search volumes.
    5. The top searched traditional dessert of each country was taken into account.
    6. The desserts analysed in the dataset are representative of local, regional, and national food choices of each European country.
    7. Countries with no/low online search results and no popular traditional desserts mentioned on Tasteatlas were omitted from the study.
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