The expensive world of being James Bond

It’s not cheap being 007…

The names Bond, James Bond. From Sean Connery via Roger Moore to the current Daniel Craig – Bond has always looked a millionaire and, lived that lavish lifestyle. But just how much dosh does the man who has a licence to kill get through in day? How much does the tech cost? Well some researchers have been digging around to put all our minds at rest over these questions.

James Bond is known for his lavish lifestyle, luxury suits and suave attitude. So for the first part of the money question ATV Today Entertainment turns to leading menswear retailer, Charles Tyrwhitt to delve into the daily life of the much-loved character to analyse the daily costs of Bond..

Based on his usual activities – special gadgets not included (more on those later) Charles Tyrwhitt tell us that it would cost £598,038 to spend the day as James Bond. This would include £126 on a bottle of Bollinger, £145 spent on a bottle of Macallan 18-Year.  A £567 suite in the Palazzo Gattini (one night), £9,450 for a Omega Seamaster Diver 300M ‘007 Edition’, £235 for some Vuarnet Legend 06 Sunglasses, travel costs of £5,900 London to Rome (First Class) and of course a £3,615 custom-made suit. Add to that the need of a £578,000 Aston Martin Valhalla and the day has become costly.

For the tech and living, we turn to research conducted by online gaming experts CasinoScores who have also analysed data from JamesBondLifestyle and IMDb to establish how much it costs to be 007 by totalling the cost of James Bond’s wardrobe and accessories, gadget collection and vehicles he uses.

The entire cost for these stats cover Daniel Craig’s run as the spy. The total cost of the James Bond wardrobe, as portrayed by Daniel Craig, totalled £154,334.89 from Daniel Craig’s first film as 007, Casino Royale, to his latest and last, No Time to Die. The priciest item in the collection being Tom Ford custom ‘mother-of-pearl’ cufflinks with an engraved “JB”, as seen in Spectre which cost £74,500. The second most expensive item in the Bond closet is the Giorgio Armani leather jacket worn in Casino Royale costing £4,800.

The James Bond gadget collection costs a total of £82,376.60. The highest-priced item – costing £15,500 – that Bond uses to defend himself is the Anderson Wheeler 500 Nitro Express Double Rifle seen used in Skyfall. 

 The most expensive aspect of being James Bond is the vehicles that he uses and often blows up. The total cost of all vehicles Daniel Craig’s 007 uses comes to £32.1 million. The AgustaWestland AW101 Helicopter used in Skyfall has the biggest price tag of £21,000,000. The second most expensive vehicle used by James Bond is the Pruva Regina yacht costing £8,400,000, meaning Skyfall is the priciest of Daniel Craig’s Bond films. The signature Aston Martin DB10 is the third most expensive vehicle that Bond uses which features in Spectre, costing £1,400,000.

“Part of the appeal of James Bond is the lavish lifestyle he lives however these expenses are enough to scare the living daylights out of anyone! As we enjoy having Bond back in the cinema, it will provide the perfect escapism we all need.” – A spokesperson from CasinoScores

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