Two housemates have been warned by Big Brother following comments regarding a fellow housemate.

In a discussion shown last night, Scott Mason and Ashleigh Hughes spoke about fellow housemate Deana Uppal’s eating habits in a way which Big Brother says could be seen as stereotyping.

The housemates appeared to mock Miss India UK, Deana, for the way she eats her food. Big Brother later called Scott and Ashleigh into the diary room individually and warned them about their language.

Big Brother told Scott: “Big Brother believes that your use of language in this conversation could be seen as stereotyping and therefore potentially offensive.”

“Big Brother has no option other than to issue you with a formal warning; if you use this type of language again we may have to consider removing you from the Big Brother house.”

Ashleigh did not appear to be given a formal warning, but was reminded on the rules that housemates are expected to follow while in the house.

Big Brother is already under investigation from media regulator Ofcom over a number of incidents. Over 1,000 complained after Conor McIntyre exploded into a foul mouthed rant about Deana.

Many fans have become concerned recently that Deana has become the subject of ‘bullying’ from fellow housemates.

Caroline Wharram was called into the diary room earlier this week and warned about her behaviour over her treatment of fellow housemates.

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