Russell T Davies: Torchwood in ‘limbo’

Russell T Davies has stated his Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood has not been cancelled but is in ‘limbo’.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show the creator & showrunner of Torchwood insisted the series has not been axed. Davies explained he wasn’t working, at present, on further instalments of the series because he was working on his new CBBC series Wizards vs Aliens.

It’s not officially cancelled, it’s in a nice limbo where it can stew – those shows can come back in ten, twenty years time. I loved making it over there (in America), and I would have carried on if circumstances hadn’t brought me back to this country, so it’s kind of in limbo for me at the moment. I’m not working on it at the moment, I’m only working on Wizards vs Aliens – when I get back to work one day, I don’t know, it’ll be old news to the BBC! – Russell T Davies on the Graham Norton Show

So far four seasons of the spin-off, starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles, have aired with the most recent airing last year. Torchwood: Miracle Day was a co-production between the BBC and the American broadcaster Starz and as such the sci-fi series was given something of an American revamp. However, Miracle Day met with a mixed reaction from fans and critics alike and ratings on BBC One were lower than the third series, Children of Earth.

Starz has previously indicated it be interested in developing further Torchwood instalments but only if Russell T Davies was onboard.

[Via the Doctor Who Newspage]

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