ITV unveils improved ITV Player

ITV has unveiled its new and improved online programme player now with buy-to-view programming.

The integrated player offers free and pay content in one place the broadcaster has announced. For the first time viewers have the chance to rent content from ITV’s vast archive of quality programming, free from advertisements.

Traditional catch-up content remains available at no charge, and will sit alongside the archive content.

James Micklethwait, Online Product Director, ITV said: “Our all new ITV Player is a huge step forward in offering our viewers not only an improved catch-up experience but also the chance to access a wider range of ITV’s rich mix of programming, on demand, for a competitive price. We see this as offering our viewers a little bit extra for a little bit extra, and look forward to evolving and improving the new Player going forward.”

Other none ITVplc regions, STV and UTV, currently offer archive programming for free on their websites and YouTube. STV have uploaded many classic programming including virtually all the episodes of long running soap Take The High Road.

Archive isn’t free with ITV anymore, previously selected episodes of everything from Crossroads, Rising Damp to Crown Court and Inspector Morse was accessible for free on The Best Of ITV website.

Now you can take a 30-day rental of single ad-free episodes from the vaults for 49p. The broadcaster is also offering a 90-day rental of ad-free full series box sets at a discounted price.

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