Idris Elba tops poll to play James Bond

Idris Elba tops poll to play next 007 agent.

With award season on the horizon and following the latest smash from the Bond franchise (caution: spoiler alert!), a recent poll has revealed that 19% of Brits voted for Elba to play the next Bond, collating more votes than any other star.

The stats from 888poker show that Tom Hardy came a close second, racking up 17% of votes in his favour. Surprisingly, Daniel Craig came in a steady third place. Do Brits want to see Craig make a comeback to the 007 role?

Some 23% of females voted for Idris Elba, more than any other actor or actress, while 20% of males voted for Hardy. Idris also took the top spot among residents in Bristol at 27%, while it was Norwich who wanted Hardy as their next Bond (24%).

Actor Position Percentage of Vote
Idris Elba 1 18.9%
Tom Hardy 2 17.2%
Daniel Craig 3 12.4%
Tom Hiddleston 4 6.6%
James Norton 5 5.1%
Henry Cavill 6 4.9%
Brad Pitt 7 4.8%
Richard Madden 8 4.5%
Leonardo Di’Caprio 9 3.6%
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson 10 3.2%
Cillian Murphy 11 2.5%
Kit Harington 12 2.5%
Margot Robbie 13 2.2%
Rege-Jean Page 14 1.5%
Jack Huston 15 0.9%

*Researchers polled over 1000 UK residents.

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