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Charlotte Rose Benjamin is eyeing the jackpot with song ‘Slot Machine’


Charlotte Rose Benjamin is eyeing the jackpot with song ‘Slot Machine’

Brooklyn based artist Charlotte Rose Benjamin recently released the single Slot Machine ahead of her album Dreamtina.

Slot Machine pairs jaunty guitar hooks with Benjamin’s stream of conscious, lighthearted lyrics about unrequited love and the “in-between” feeling of being a millennial/genZ cusp.

The video was shot by Benjamin and frequent collaborator, Hlif Olafsdottir, documenting a leisurely day on a Williamsburg Ferry, a Chinatown arcade,  a Dime’s Square dive bar and their favorite downtown karaoke spot.

Benjamin describes Slot Machine as a “Sunday-morning-strolling-through-a-New-England-Beach-town kind of song,” relating it to her hometown of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Charlotte Rose Benjamin:

“I think there’s a waspy country club vibe that comes to mind when people hear that I’m from Martha’s Vineyard. That definitely exists, but most people who are privileged enough don’t choose to live there in the off season. I always identified more with the towny girls from the movie Mystic Pizza. I had a wonderful childhood, but living on an island can be incredibly isolating. My music has changed so much since I left, but I think I’ll always have a little bit of a twang in my writing because of where I grew up.”

Self produced alongside her bandmates, Nardo Ochoa, Matti Dunietz and Zoe Zeeman, Charlotte Rose Benjamin’s debut album finds her analyzing her identity in correlation to romantic relationships and in comparison to Dreamtina, a fictitious namesake for the effortlessly-perfect girl you see and aspire to be. Under the Radar broke the news of the album, premiering the pyromaniac-puppet-show video for her song Satisfied, calling the song “an irresistible power pop hook, paired with instantly quotable lyrics.”

Previously released songs, Cumbie’s Parking Lot and Heat Stroke Summer, were released as an a-side/b-side single last Summer, receiving praise from Clout Magazine and The Deli praised Cumbie’s Parking Lot, calling out Benjamin’s “acerbic wit and penchant for crafting fun and memorable indie rock tunes.” The Deli named Heatstroke Summer its Song of the Summer.

Recently Benjamin performed alongside Black Lips, Heartless Bastards and Pussy Gillete in a showcase at the acclaimed SXSW festival

Dreamtina, is set for release on April 22.

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