Best on the Box highlights for Sunday November 24th.


As the nation gears up for Black Friday and the Christmas shopping onslaught, Phillip Schofield returns to put the gifts vying for your festive funds to the test, aided by his wife Steph, famous faces and members of the public.

This week Phillip enlists the help of Steph (Mrs Schofield) to pick some of the best gifts and gadgets on the market, from expensive beauty tech to personalised stocking fillers, so you can spoil your loved ones for less this Christmas. With sales of personal electric vehicles on the up, three tech loving lads from Corrie, Jack P Shepherd, Alan Halsall and Colson Smith put them to the test to help you decide whether hoverboards or scooters might make your Black Friday shopping list.

Thirty Christmas shoppers play Phillip’s new seasonal gameshow, Higher or Lower.  Play along and it could save you a small fortune this Christmas.   Can you guess the prices of pairs of similar looking festive favourite’s, from pyjama’s to slippers, scents to lotions? With the price tags and labels removed, will you think the cheapest options on offer are actually more expensive? There are some surprising results.

Clare Balding is on a mission to find the perfect present for our pets and hosts a Christmas party with a difference; the festive party food and drinks are for pooches, not their owners.  So how do the Champaws and Crisps go down?

And with 1 in 5 of us opting to buy a loved one a gift experience at Christmas, Phillip invited Britain’s favourite daredevil Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards to put some of the most popular ones to the test.   Which one will he rank best value for money and which will he prefer?  Track racing, sky diving, flyboarding or coming face to face with his name-sake, an eagle called Keira?

NODBODY’s LOOKING, now streaming on NETFLIX

Uli is the newest guardian angel in the 5511th District.

Under the tutelage of veterans Greta and Chun, and the strict eye of Inspector Fred, he will learn the rules of the Angelus System and the punishments for those who break them.

Unable to accept the Chief’s arbitrary orders, he decides to help humans on his own by breaking all the System’s rules within hours. To his surprise, Uli is not punished. Is the boss really watching?

LADHOOD, BBC THREE streaming from today

Ladhood is a coming-of-age comedy from the Bafta-nominated writer/comedian Liam Williams. Adapted from an original BBC Radio 4 series, it straddles two timelines, as Liam explores the roots of modern-day masculinity by delving into the memories of his own misspent adolescence.

Liam has instigated yet another confrontation with a stranger in a bar, for the crime of having a conversation with his girlfriend, Jess. Before the altercation reaches fever-pitch, Liam delves into the memories of his adolescence and questions where this toxic behaviour stems from.

Leeds, early noughties. On the last day of the school year one of Liam’s best mates, Ralph, sees Rachel flirting with Whitey, the hardest lad in school. Ralph threatens (under his breath) to “smack him”. Word of the threat gets back to Whitey’s friends Rupert and Tinhead, who organise a fight between Ralph and Whitey for the following Friday.

Ralph can’t win and he knows it. In a panic, he considers staying home all summer. But Rupert and Tinhead tell Liam that if Ralph doesn’t show they’ll hunt Liam down and batter him instead. Back in the present day, Liam crosses the bar, towards the man he’s been arguing with.


Edmund Kemper is possibly one of the sickest serial killers ever to have lived.

Also known as the Co-Ed Killer, Kemper was guilty of murdering, dismembering and violating ten people, including his own grandparents and mother.

In this in-depth profile, Former FBI agent John Douglas takes Sky Crime viewers through the real events with his extensive interviews with Kemper where he describes himself and his heinous acts in his own words, and in doing so shaped the backbone of modern criminal psychology.


Channel 4 presents highlights from the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships, a key event ahead of the next year’s Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

A strong British team heads to Dubai to contest the various disciplines, including stars from London 2017 such as 10-time World gold medallist Hannah Cockroft; Hollie Arnold, Sophie Hahn, Kyron Duke, Kadeena Cox, and Paralympic champions Jonnie Peacock, Aled Davies, Richard Whitehead and Libby Clegg.

A truly massive celebration of global para athletics, the Championships are made up of 95 men’s events, 76 women’s events and a mixed relay, across nine days, with more than 1400 athletes taking part from over 100 countries.

Qualification spots for Tokyo 2020 are up for grabs so the competition will be intense. Ed Jackson presents, with Danny Crates reporting.

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