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My So-Called Selfish Life gets May release


My So-Called Selfish Life gets May release

Trixie Films has announced that its paradigm-shifting new documentary feature film about childfree women, My So-Called Selfish Life, will be released worldwide for the first time and streamed from 6 – 16 May.

Director Therese Shechter:

“Humour is a huge part of my work, creating an engaging documentary style that makes room for some very thorny conversations. I’m excited to take on my most controversial subject yet: the assumption that motherhood is a biological imperative and the defining measure of womanhood. There’s no one right way to be a woman, and a woman’s value in society should never lie in her ability to reproduce.”

Directed by the award-winning feminist writer/director Therese Shechter, the film is a journey through one of our society’s greatest social taboos: choosing not to become a mother, and is the third in a trilogy of documentaries by Shechter dismantling our most sacred ideas about womanhood: from power and 21st century feminism, to sex and virginity, and now motherhood. The film premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival in 2021 to critical acclaim.

My So-Called Selfish Life is unique in the childfree conversation for its intersectional approach to its subject matter, as well as the ways it ties women’s personal stories of choosing not to have children to the deeper cultural and political forces that tell us that a woman’s greatest value lies in her ability to reproduce. It also incorporates a lot of humour – weaving together everything from Grey’s Anatomy clips to speeches from Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Film Threat:

“My So-Called Selfish Life is a timely documentary on an issue as pressing as ever. Women’s bodies and fertility are continuing areas of concern for those in power — again, usually men,” and Ms Magazine described it as a “striking and imaginative documentary, which addresses [an] oft-overlooked facet of reproductive justice.”

My So-Called Selfish Life, will stream worldwide for the first time from 6 – 16 May 2022.

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