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Savage Waters to premiere at DocLands Documentary Film Festival


Savage Waters to premiere at DocLands Documentary Film Festival

Whipped Sea and Abacus Media Rights have announced that the documentary feature Savage Waters will premiere at DocLands.

Savage Waters gets its World Premiere as the opening night movie at DocLands Documentary Film Festival on 5th May 2022. Directed by Mikey Corker, produced by Ghislaine Couvillat of Whipped Sea and edited by  Jordan Montminy, with story consultation from Nic Guttridge the production asks, how far would you go searching for something that may not exist?

Director Mikey Corker:

“As a storyteller, a father and husband, and an adventuring surfer, my personal viewpoint is strongly woven into the fabric of this film. I’m expecting public feedback to raise heated opinions around topics such as risk versus reward and what ‘responsible’ parenting should look like – but I hope this story reflects my standpoint that in order to live life to its fullest, we sometimes have to tiptoe to the edge of comfort, even if it’s just to find out where our limits lie. The overarching aim is to make a film that inspires others, just as spending time with the protagonists has inspired me to step out of my own comfort zone on many occasions.”

A 19th century treasure-hunter’s journal inspires a captivating journey to seek out and surf a mythical, never-ridden wave in some of the most remote and dangerous waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

For the renowned skipper, Matt Knight, sailing to unpredictable and uncharted regions is impossible to resist. As a lifelong thrill-seeker, he is constantly testing the limits of what’s possible, something world-class big wave surfer Andrew Cotton has also built his career on.

With family and friends, they board the beautiful catamaran Hecate and follow clues to this ‘perfect wave’, but not everything goes to plan, with serious injury and life-threatening challenges testing the crew’s resilience and attitudes towards risk.

Narrated by the legendary Charles Dance, the film follows remarkable protagonists, for whom living life to the full often means putting themselves in harm’s way.

Joni Cooper, DocLands Director of Programming:

“Savage Waters is a gloriously cinematic film that sailors, surfers, and all ocean lovers will appreciate — which is why we are absolutely thrilled to present its World Premiere at DocLands Documentary Film Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area. The story is imbued with the indomitable spirit that is demanded by true adventure—and invites the audience to roll with the exhilarating waves, alongside the most delightful crew on a voyage to remember.”

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