Global searches for ‘green engagement ring’ explode 1,455% after JLO and Ben Affleck get engaged for the second time

Celeb researchers have been totting up the data…

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for green engagement ring skyrocketed 1,455% worldwide on the 9th of April, just hours after the bride to be herself, Jennifer Lopez, announced the engagement via a video post on her newsletter ‘on the JLO’, where she let fans put two and two together after wearing the beautiful green diamond ring

Pictured top: Fictional wedding, Jennifer Lopez stars with Latin artist Maluma who last year performed together in Marry Me Tonight!

A new finding by online casino experts at AskGamblers reveals that online interest for ‘green engagement ring’ exploded almost fourteen times more than the average search volume in the first few hours after the reveal of the pair’s second engagement, following their first engagement in 2002.

The term ‘green ring’ has also seen the highest number of searches in the past five years, increasing 81% due to the engagement.

The 8.5 ct. natural green diamond centre ring does not come as a surprise to fans worldwide as the significance of the choice of green remains a statement for the ‘Jenny from the Block’ singer.

The icon hopes the new green ring will bring her luck, after referring to the iconic Versace gown she wore to the 2000 Grammys, just like she has noted in the past as green being her ’lucky colour’, proving the significant amount of belief that the ring will bring her and Affleck luck in the couple’s marriage.

A spokesperson for AskGamblers commented:

“The explode in searches for ‘green engagement ring’, and ‘green ring’ after the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck engagement prove just how many fans around the world look to the singer for style inspiration, showing it is clear that the 2000’s superstar has been a trendsetter in the fashion world as well as having the power to dominate the music industry for the past two decades”.

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