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Julia Roberts was left speechless after filming fight scene…


Julia Roberts was left speechless after filming fight scene…

The performer spoke about the dramatic recording with GMB.

Julia Roberts was left speechless after filming a fight scene in her new TV series – and hugged her co-star Sean Penn in silence afterwards.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain in an exclusive interview, Academy Award winner Julia opened up about her new star-studded political thriller Gaslit, marking the 50th anniversary of the Watergate scandal. Penn plays disgraced president Richard Nixon’s attorney general and friend John Mitchell, with Julia as his wife Martha Mitchell.

Of working with Sean, Julia said:

“Sean is just one of the great American actors of all time and he happens to be a very good friend, and I think we’ve always hoped that we would find something to do together. For it to be ultimately the Mitchells is kind of amazing because we both truly believed that this relationship was so heartbreaking.

“It made it challenging to portray the more vibrant scenes of her, because I knew what was coming. Certainly, the day that we did that fight scene, when it was over, Sean and I just hugged for a really long time. We didn’t even talk to each other. We just were hugging.

“I think we both felt how tragic this relationship was and it was really too bad. Nixon destroyed so many lives, not least the life that was this couple’s relationship.”

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