Paul O’Grady’s teatime chat show to return for ‘two short runs’

Paul O’Grady has revealed that his teatime chat show is making a comeback.

The TV presenter and entertainer told that the show will be returning for ‘two short runs’ but did not state which channel they would air on.

“We’re doing two short runs. I enjoyed doing things like having a Tenko reunion, an Avengers reunion –  I met the most incredible people. When Anne Kirkbride, who plays Deirdre Barlow in Corrie, came on I was beside myself. Eventually you become friends with them.” — Paul O’Grady

The Lily Savage star fronted a daily afternoon chat programme for ITV between 2004-2005. The Paul O’Grady Show proved popular with audiences, at its peak reaching 3 million viewers and beating all other programmes in its 5-6pm slot.

The show’s success continued on Channel 4, following a rift between O’Grady and ITV executives, from 2006 until 2009. O’Grady defected back to ITV to present a weekly primetime version of the show Paul O’Grady Live from 2010 until last year.

“When I had my heart  attack, my friend answered the phone for me and was saying: ‘It’s Tyne Daly for  you, Lauren Bacall for you, Linda Thorson…’ all these people telling me off.” – Paul O’Grady

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  1. THE PAUL O GRADY SHOW what excellent news as this chatshow was a legend as hes the WOGAN for the 21st century as we love pauls entertaining tea time show and may BUSTER rest in peace as we all miss him.

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