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Hollywood publicist recalls fond memories of the Monkees


Hollywood publicist recalls fond memories of the Monkees

Here we come, walkin’ down the street. We get the funniest looks from ev’ry one we meet…

Launched as an NBC TV show in Fall 1966, The Monkees were a hugely popular rock and pop band formed in Los Angeles that starred Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork and Davy Jones.

Following Michael Nesmith’s passing in December 2021, Hollywood publicist and author of “Flirting with Fame,” Dan Harary recalls his own fond memories and experiences with the band and the impact The Monkees had on him.

“In 1966 when I was ten, “The Monkees” hit NBC TV and it changed my world to its core. I’d been a classical pianist from the age of 7, but when I saw them on TV, I became enthralled with their music and most notably with their drummer, Micky Dolenz,” said Harary. “I became a drummer myself in 1966 and remain one to this day!”

“16 years later, I was working in Hollywood at the American Film Institute campus when I happened to almost quite literally stumble into Mike Nesmith! He was there to present to AFI students his approach to “music videos” – something Mike helped to pioneer, along with the formation of MTV. I was so startled to see him sitting there that I was unable to have an intelligent talk with him – I only said, “You’re Mike Nesmith!” like a young schoolboy, to which he replied, “Yep, that’s what they tell me.” I attended his presentation that day and was impressed with his vision for the future of music.”

Dan also recalled attending the 1986 Anniversary Show by The Monkees at Hollywood’s Greek Theater.

“Micky, Davy and Peter played their hits and they were great. Then, for the encore, Mike walked out onto the stage, unannounced as a total surprise to the crowd! I was so enthralled, I started crying – all four Monkees were together. It was the first time Mike had played with the other three Monkees in many, many years.”

Also during 1986, Harary became friendly with his childhood idol, Micky Dolenz, when the two of them found themselves working in close proximity at Columbia Pictures Studios in Burbank, CA.

“At an October 2021 show at Hollywood’s Greek Theater entitled, “The Monkees Present The Mike & Micky Show,” Micky was his usual gregarious self, but Mike looked deathly ill. He couldn’t hold a guitar to play, and he couldn’t sing – he only “spoke” the words to so many of his hit songs. Those of us in the audience knew that he was in bad shape, and it was with great sadness that he passed away just three weeks later. I’m so glad that I was fortunate enough to have seen Mike’s first reunion with the other Monkees in 1986, and his final-ever performance as a Monkee in 2021.”

“Flirting with Fame” shares Harary’s experiences and chance encounters with many celebrities, often in unexpected ways.

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