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IndiMusic TV Announces Global Strategic Partnership with Castify-ai


IndiMusic TV Announces Global Strategic Partnership with Castify-ai

Working together, IndiMusic will be able to share their on-demand services across more devices and reach a wider audience.

“We are honored to work with Chris Pati to deliver an enhanced IndiMusic TV experience to all of their viewers,” – Gal Turjeman, CEO of

IndiMusic TV, the #1 World Wide Independent Music Video TV Channel, announced a global strategic partnership with, allowing them to reach their worldwide audience with a unified cross-platform experience. is an omnichannel content distribution technology that enables video content owners to seamlessly create their own branded OTT applications and channels across multiple smart TV and streaming services.

Today’s streaming experience is scattered across mobile, PC, and a multitude of smart TV providers. Each requires the knowledge of an exclusive coding language, meaning companies need to hire multiple engineers to develop and maintain a single user experience across various platforms with varying backend demands.

This makes it a struggle to deliver and manage a streamlined experience across all delivery channels. Without’s single cross-device technology, companies must handpick which distribution channels they will invest resources in, forcing them to miss out on other potentially advantageous delivery channels.

IndiMusic TV CEO and Founder, Chris Pati, a 40+ year music business veteran, was one of the music industry’s first executives to realize that technology plays an integral role in all aspects of a leading entertainment company.

This led him to be one of the first music industry executives to utilize proprietary cutting edge technology best to deliver his TV network to the global audience. Today, this translates into utilizing’s unified platform, increasing potential household reach to 50 million OTT and connected TV in the US alone, all with lower operational costs.

“Helping IndiMusic to expand across a greater number of on-demand platforms, with a premium viewing experience, will help their organization and the musicians they support to reach an even wider audience.” – Gal Turjeman, CEO of

IndiMusic TV is a 24/7 global Music Broadcast Network and an active independent social community with millions of subscribers across 260 countries. Currently, its multi-platform network welcomes over one million daily visits.

“2022 is the 10th anniversary of IndiMusic TV, and in celebration, we will be announcing some exciting initiatives. Expanding our reach will allow us to further maximize our resources to connect our exciting new initiatives, independent artists, and audiences to further bolster our growing community.” – Chris Pati

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