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From onions to ancestors


From onions to ancestors

From onions to ancestors

Highlights for Tuesday, March 7th…

Food Unwrapped: Veg Box

Andi Oliver grabs a hankie and heads for an onion factory to see how the eye-watering veg gets peeled on a gigantic scale. Andi also uncovers why asparagus gives some of us a pungent pee. Amanda Byram unearths how a vegetable can be trademarked and she finds out what happens to the 10 million pumpkins Brits dump every year after Halloween. Matt Tebbutt discovers why the shelf life for vegetable stir-fry mixes is so short. And Briony May Williams investigates why some radishes are hotter than others.

Channel 4, 8pm

DNA Journey (not STV/ITV Border)

DNA Journey returns to ITV1 for a fourth series, as once again, cameras follow four new celebrity duos who set off on a quest to discover where they come from and unearth secrets from their past in a life changing and emotional voyage of discovery.

Acclaimed actor and Downtown Abbey star, Hugh Bonneville and one of the UK’s successful comedians, John Bishop, make for an unlikely friendship. However, a chance meeting in a Covid vaccine centre has made them new bezzie mates. Now, they’re about to cement that friendship on a road trip to discover their family history… but what they both don’t know is that they have a deeper connection to each other through their ancestors.

ITV/UTV, 9pm

STV’s Scotland’s Next First Minister

Lots of hot air will fill the STV Studio this evening as the three names aiming to take over the role of First Minster, and leader of the SNP, face off in this live televised debate. Kate Forbes, Humza Yousaf and Ash Regan will take viewer questions, debate how they will work – or not work – with the also nationalist Green Party in Scotland and how – where Nicola Sturgeon failed – can get the country its independence from the UK when, currently, if all the UK supporting voters in Scotland are added together remain is still the strongest view.

The STV produced debate will see political editor Colin Mackay grill the candidates before they cross-examine each other. Following the debate, Scotland Tonight presenter Rona Dougall will be joined in the studio by a panel of guests, including STV’s special correspondent Bernard Ponsonby, to provide reaction and analysis.

STV and ITV Border, 9pm

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