Remembering Fontella Bass

EyeSpy: Farewell Fontella.

R&B singer Fontella Bass has died aged 72, the performer will be best known for her upbeat recording of Rescue Me which has appeared on television commercials, in movie soundtracks, telephone hold music for car breakdown companies and has even been sampled by Nu Generation.

The St. Louis-born soul singer died after declining health over the past seven years, she suffered a heart attack earlier in December.

“She was an amazing person, she had a big personality,” Neuka Mitchell one of Fontella’s daughters told CBS News.

Bass’ music break came aged 17 when she began singing in a club, later turning to gospel music in the latter part of her career.

Here we remember Fontella with Rescue Me, released in 1965.

Fontella Bass July 3rd 1940 – December 26th 2012

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