John Barrowman: Doctor Who Snub Would Be Disappointing

John Barrowman has admitted he would be ‘disappointed’ if he didn’t return to Doctor Who for its 50th anniversary.

The actor has spoken of his desire to return for the 50th anniversary several times already but that hasn’t stopped him mentioning it again.

Barrowman played Captain Jack Harkness opposite Christopher Eccleston and later David Tennant as well as in four seasons of spin-off Torchwood. Although the actor is currently appearing in the American drama series Arrow is he very hopeful he will be part of Doctor Who’s landmark anniversary.

“I haven’t been asked. I would love to [come back] if they ask me…Andrew Kreisberg [Arrow’s producer] has already said if they want me in the 50th anniversary, he will give me the time off to do it. But it’s not up to me. ” – John Barrowman speaking the Los Angeles Times

Exactly how Doctor Who will mark its 50th year on-air is unclear; plans are shrouded in secrecy. Fans are hopeful the anniversary will be marked with a ‘multi-doctor’ special just as the 10th and 20th anniversaries were marked.

Christopher Eccleston has stated several times he has no desire to return for any 50th celebrations but other Doctors are more willing. Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and David Tennant have all stated they would willingly return if asked.

The seventh season of Doctor Who will continue on BBC One – and BBC America stateside – in the Spring.

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