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Sky Cinema bring ‘The Radleys’ to screen


Sky Cinema bring ‘The Radleys’ to screen

Production has begun for Sky Original film The Radleys.

Described as ‘a scarily relatable vampire thriller’ the production has been adapted from the novel by best-selling author Matt Haig. Filming will commence in London and Yorkshire from the start of June for six weeks.

Julia Stuart, Director of Original Film at Sky:

“I’m very excited to watch Matt Haig’s The Radleys come alive on screen as it begins production with top British talent including Damian Lewis and Kelly Macdonald. Wickedly funny and darkly compelling, I’m so pleased to bring this film to Sky Cinema in 2024.”

With wickedly funny dialogue and genuine spine-chilling scares, The Radleys explores the turmoil which follows when we deny our deepest, darkest desires. Far from being another bloody vampire story, this is a deliciously dark drama that asks the question “What are you hungry for?

Damian Lewis will be playing a dual role alongside Kelly Macdonald and Shaun Parkes.

Nestled in a quiet, suburban English town live The Radleys. To their neighbours, they are as ordinary as they come, yet beneath the surface, parents Peter (Lewis) and Helen (Macdonald) are concealing a devastatingly dark secret from their teenage children, Rowan and Clara. They are abstaining vampires, choosing not to drink blood despite their natural cravings, yet becoming more and more bloodthirsty by the day.

When Clara is unexpectedly attacked by a boy in her class and her natural instincts take over, Peter and Helen are forced to reveal the truth. The shocking revelation encourages lovesick son Rowan and previously vegan Clara to question their own identity and suppressed desires. It’s at this pivotal juncture that Peter’s twin brother Will arrives on the scene (played by Damian Lewis in a dual role). A proud, practicing vampire who openly embraces his hedonistic, bloodthirsty lifestyle, Will forces the family to face their repressed urges even further. Can the family continue to hold back their hidden bloodlust, or will they give in to their true nature?

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