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ScreenHits TV signs deal with EV Manufacturer NIO


ScreenHits TV signs deal with EV Manufacturer NIO

ScreenHits TV is leading the way for the future of in-car entertainment after signing another major automotive partnership with NIO providing its first-ever in-car experience with ScreenHits.

The new partnership contributes to ScreenHits’ expansion in the Premium Automotive Segment.

CEO and Founder of ScreenHits TV, Rose Hulse:

“With our latest automotive partnership with NIO, we continue to push innovation in creating a new distribution platform for in-car viewing. ScreenHits TV is a young, vibrant and innovative company that speaks to all generations and focuses on design and personalisation. NIO couldn’t be a better partner, one who puts their User’s interests first and who has been creating exceptional electric vehicles that are sustainable and beautifully designed.”

As the automotive industry shapes up for an electric and sustainable future, more and more car owners will be able to enjoy the latest technology driving that future – from charging points to premium surround sound and driverless cars. ScreenHits TV is providing the ultimate in-car TV experience with more automotive brands adopting a holistic smart TV interface which consolidates all TV streaming platforms and live TV in the one, simple to use interface.

ScreenHits TV helps users instantly find the right film and TV content from the leading TV streamers they subscribe to, enabling a customised TV guide experience by creating a selected streaming TV guide across all of their existing streaming platforms and leading content providers. The Smart TV app also enables customers to better manage their growing subscriptions.

The app is currently available in 56 markets and in 30 languages with more than 1,000 premium streaming catalogues and fast channels available in market on Android Smart TVs, Android and iOS mobile and tablet apps.

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