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Cocktails inspired by legendary TV shows

Cheers, the sitcom ran for a decade set in a New York boozer


Cocktails inspired by legendary TV shows

The perfect pop culture pairing, this collection of drinks inspired by iconic television characters and programmes blends old and new, spicy and sweet, strong and mellow. Cheers to TV connects sixty cocktails to the stars of the small screen.

Some are invented specifically for that character, such as the Bloody Ending, inspired by Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen, or the Stringer Bell, an ode to The Wire.

Others deliver a TV twist to an established cocktail; a Rusty Nail for Better Call Saul’s titular hero, for instance. Some are cocktails created by the show itself; Absolutely Fabulous’ Stoli-Bolli is sure to outlive its boozy inventor Patsy Stone.

There are mocktails like the Banana Stand, honouring George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development, coffee-tinged drinks such as the Central Perk for Friends’ Rachel, and even a rainbow slushie inspired by Pose’s Blanca Evangelista.

Along with clever, original illustrations, straightforward recipes, and engaging texts about the shows and characters, the authors cover the mixology basics: bar equipment; types of spirits, liqueurs, juices, and bitters; garnishes and glassware. Whether you prefer appointment television or an hours-long stream-a-thon, this book will up the enjoyment factor.

Just remember: sip the cocktail, binge the show.

Published by Prestel. RRP £12.99. ISBN:978-3-7913-8822-9. On sale now.

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