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Vocal versions of the ‘Crossroads Theme’ performed by Carl Wayne ‘Rediscovered’


Vocal versions of the ‘Crossroads Theme’ performed by Carl Wayne ‘Rediscovered’

In 1971 Crossroads marked its 1500 episode with a party.

Magician Clifford Davies featured in the special episode and levitated characters Diane (Susan Hanson) and Amy (Ann George) as part of his act while a whole host of former motel faces including Deke Arlon returned to the special, ‘Crossroads: A Celebration‘. Journalist Godfrey Winn arrived almost This is Your Life style to surprise Meg and show her footage from ‘ATV News‘ of the early days of the motel in 1963. (The 1964 ATV promotional trailers were adapted into a ‘news item’).

And then as the programme came to its conclusion Carl Wayne performed the Tony Hatch Crossroads Theme, with lyrics penned by Jackie Trent and adapted by Peter Ling for the broadcast (some lines were cut/moved).

Carl’s vocal was performed to the regular Tony Hatch TV theme, recorded in the ATV music studio, however, it was believed any trace of this song was lost when – as was the case with many hundreds of ATV episodes of the soap – the programme was later wiped to re-use the videotape. And the music track was also ‘lost’ from the sound library. Until now.

Details of the performance in Crossroads, episode 1500 from May 1971.

This week a member of the Crossroads Fan Club uploaded two ‘off air’ recordings. The first of the closing to episode 1500, which had been recorded onto audio tape via a microphone placed in front of the television from the transmission on 25th, May 1971 from ITV’s Southern Television. A second version of the theme features Carl singing the song ‘live’ within an episode accompanied by him playing the theme on a guitar. (At the time of publishing we haven’t been able to locate the exact details of this broadcast).

Thames Television in London screened edition 1500 – usually six months behind ATV and most of the other ITV regions – on the same day. 1500 however never aired on Granada or Tyne Tees – they didn’t pick up the four-days-a-week soap until September 1972. A special TV Times commemorative magazine was released to coincide with the episode.

Carl Wayne is best known for being part of the rock group The Move alongside Roy Wood. They scored nine top 20 UK singles in five years and their track ‘Flowers in the Rain’ was the first song to be played on BBC Radio 1 when it launched.

A scene from Crossroads in 1973, featuring Noele Gordon, Jane Rossington, Carl Wayne and Ann George

In the 1970s he worked for ATV several times including as a regular singer on Terry Wogan’s chat show Lunchtime with Wogan and performing the theme tune to talent show New Faces. He also popped up in Crossroads occasionally as ‘Colin the Milkman’ in the early 1970s.

Carl married Crossroads co-star Susan Hanson on 25th March 1974. Their ‘private’ wedding ended up a public affair, unexpectedly, thanks to the live game show The Golden Shot. Carl appeared on the show to perform the song ‘San Diego’ and host Charlie Williams informed the audience, and millions of viewers, of the forthcoming marriage ceremony at Birmingham Registry Office. The next day 100s of fans descended outside to see the couple.

Wayne later toured with the group The Hollies in the early 2000s. Carl died on the 31st of August 2004 aged 61.

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