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Ukrainian creativity shines amidst global tensions

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Ukrainian creativity shines amidst global tensions

In a world where the notion of a third world war was once inconceivable, recent events, particularly the war in Ukraine, have thrust geopolitical tensions to the forefront.

While the possibility of such a conflict remains improbable, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding not just heavy machinery and defence sectors but also the vibrant and resilient creative industry. Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, Ukrainian fashion emerges as a beacon of creativity, resilience, and unity.

A captivating story surrounding Ukrainian fashion and entrepreneur Jen Sidary. She is the Founder and CEO of, an eCommerce website, showroom, and brand-building platform. The company supports Ukrainian fashion designers and helps drive global growth through strategic and innovative solutions. They represent over forty Ukrainian brands with over 2,000 products on the website to a worldwide audience. They have recently launched a wholesale, business-to-business platform on NuOrder showcasing fourteen designers to retail buyers.

Paris, the timeless epicenter of fashion and creativity, is about to experience fresh energy and innovation as it welcomes eleven outstanding Ukrainian fashion brands. These designers are set to captivate Paris with their distinctive blend of artistry and resilience. With its unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, the Ukrainian style is gaining international recognition.

The eleven brands showcased their collections in September 2023 at New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week with a generous grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development. This grant program with Jen Sidary began two years ago, in September 2021. It has now showcased twenty-six Ukrainian fashion brands at seven trade events to international audiences, verifying their dedication to this creative industry.

T.Mosca leads the way with its AW23-24 collection, embodying the essence of an adventurous and free-spirited woman. The collection seamlessly merges iconic dresses and suits with whimsy and elegance, featuring delicate feathers that symbolize boundless spirit and grace. KATERINA KVIT, a Ukrainian label founded in 2012, redefines leather as a second skin. Known for its ‘Pleather principle,’ the brand combines minimalist design with luxury materials and tailoring to craft timeless pieces that balance practicality with sensuality.

ELENAREVA’s SS’24 COLLECTION draws inspiration from the Mother Goddess cult, harmoniously blending feminine and masculine elements. The collection showcases structured jackets, transparent chiffon dresses, woolen bustier dresses, silk suits, and bold palazzo pants with intricate fabric patterns inspired by Trypillian jug ornaments. Bobkova celebrates Ukrainian heritage with its mallow-inspired collection, embodying cultural reverence, sustainability, and empowerment. The brand’s commitment to conscious fashion production, upcycling, and handmade details underscores its dedication to craftsmanship and female empowerment.

A.M.G.’s ‘X’ collection empowers modern women with timeless, eco-friendly designs crafted from premier materials like cotton, viscose, linen, and wool. The exhibition celebrates the multifaceted essence of women, offering tailored suits, vibrant summer ensembles, and elegant dresses. GASANOVA, a ready-to-wear fashion brand, effortlessly blends elegance with a playful twist, offering bold colors, textured materials, crystal-adorned gowns, and accessories that make a fashionable statement.

The other five designers are certainly to be noticed. KACHOROVSKA, a Ukrainian shoe brand, is synonymous with comfortable, self-sufficient classic designs crafted from natural materials. Their anatomically designed footwear combines style and comfort. GUDU’s SS24 collection showcases innovative cuts that accentuate individuality, transforming familiar pieces into fresh interpretations that seamlessly integrate into any wardrobe.

J’AMEMME is a couture brand renowned for pure yet wearable designs characterized by architectural silhouettes and distinctive pleats. The brand’s zero-waste approach and unique fabrics symbolizing vulnerability and power have gained international acclaim. MY SLEEPING GYPSY introduces the ‘GLASS HOUSE COLLECTION,’ marrying art, architecture, and fashion in a unique blend inspired by the GLASS HOUSE by Philip Johnson. OMELIA, a Ukrainian redesign brand, celebrates the beauty of diversity. Their upcycling of vintage and surplus shirts reduces environmental waste and breathes new life into clothing items, promoting tolerance and acceptance.


October 1 – 3, 2023

6 Rue du Sentier,
75002 Paris, France

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