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Al is anxious and obsessive in Doctors

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Al is anxious and obsessive in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Al remains inside, anxious and obsessive about the security of his house. The doorbell goes, and he looks out to see Rosie. She’s come to look in on him – Al promptly sends her away. When Rosie arrives at the Mill, she voices her concerns for Al to Jimmi and Luca. Luca decides to go round to Al’s house, bringing with him one of Al’s favourite takeaways. Luca sees Al through the window, playing video games, and tries to get him to open the door. When Jimmi arrives at Al’s house, he’s determined that he won’t leave until Al lets him in, but will he get through to Al and inside to help?

Zara tells Emma how things are between Daniel and her, and Emma sees that Zara is struggling.

Lily Madden walks to school with her friend, Tilda McKinley. Tilda is concerned when Lily mentions needing to go to the doctor. Lily is examined by Sid over a mole on her face. When Sid confirms it’s not cancerous and there’s no reason to remove it, Lily is disappointed, leaving him confused. Looking for her daughter, Lily, and having tracked her, Jade Madden comes to the Mill, but has missed her. Tilda sees Lily at the Beechwalk and is shocked to find Lily has been cutting herself. Later, Sid tends to Lily’s cuts in the MSU, concerned that Lily is trying to hurt herself.

Jade bursts into the MSU, and Lily reveals she’s told Sid everything, which Jade immediately owes to Lily’s fantasies and attention-seeking.


Suni examines Milo Griffin who has returned to the Mill for a follow-up to an appointment the previous week. Milo’s been doing research and has decided he knows what is wrong with him—again. Milo becomes paranoid about Suni’s reactions and thinks he’s not taking him seriously, even laughing at him. Suni brings up the possibility that Milo has health anxiety, explaining that he’s been in for three appointments in two weeks, all for different symptoms.

Milo becomes upset, coming to tears. Suni offers to get him a glass of water, but as soon as he leaves the room, Milo, who’s now panicked, shuts and locks the door. Scarlett hears the commotion and tries to help calm Milo down, promising that Suni wasn’t laughing at him and that she’ll listen to him over a cup of tea. This tactic gets Milo to open the door. Later, Suni offers to buy Scarlett lunch for all her help. Initially, she refuses, but Kirsty accepts on her behalf. Suni takes Scarlett to a posh restaurant for lunch.

Ruhma arrives at the campus, where Rosie greets her. Rosie tries to update her on all the gossip, but Ruhma, who’s distracted, dismisses her rather rudely, causing Rosie to feel hurt and leave in a huff. Rosie speaks with Nina who concurs that Ruhma has not been in the best of moods lately. Nina speaks with Ruhma, who reveals that due to pressure on the NHS, the ICS are re-zoning, her workload has increased, and she’s stressed. Nina says she’ll try to help get to the truth of it. Ruhma apologises to Rosie for being snarky, and the three women discuss the situation over tea and the “good” biscuits


At the station, Claudia seeks out Rob to tell him that she’s been offered a promotion with the Domestic Violence Unit. She’s unsure if she wants to take it, as it would mean a home move and a new start. Shona Richards creeps downstairs, wary of stepping outside her front door. Rape alarm in hand, she takes her rubbish bins to the curb, but when a noise across the street startles her, she rushes back into the house. However, even though she’s safely inside, door bolted, she receives a disturbing voice note. When she tries to pull up the CCTV, the app has malfunctioned. Panicked, she calls to have a technician come as soon as possible. Zachary ‘Lew’ Lewis fixes the problem, for which Shona is grateful, but when Lew asks her out, she has to refuse. Lew is disappointed,but takes it at face value and leaves.

Later, when Shona is retrieving her bins, she receives a photo of her from earlier. She figures out there is probably CCTV footage from the building across the way and is determined to catch whoever took the picture. Shona takes this to Claudia, who’s familiar with her case. Claudia queries why she didn’t report it earlier, and Shona admits she wasn’t sure they’d believe her without proof. Claudia confirms that this proof is an escalation from the harassment she’s faced in the past.

Shona explains that they’ve gotten onto her social media accounts and that despite changing her number multiple times, they always find her; the messages range from complimentary to vile. Rob enters with the CCTV footage, but they can’t get a positive ID. Even so, Claudia’s hopeful they’ll be able to find and catch the person now. Shona fervently believes it is her ex-boyfriend, Matt Kelshall. Later, Matt comes to Shona’s house to ask why the police want to speak with him. Shona confronts him, she knows he’s been stalking her, and now the police know too. Matt is annoyed at the accusation, declaring it’s not him, that he’s moved on, and that she’s crazy and paranoid. As he storms out, she tells him he was caught on CCTV this morning. He turns, professing he didn’t do it, but Shona, hysterical, is threatened and sets off her rape alarm. Matt pleads for her to turn off the alarm, but a neighbour has witnessed the whole thing and is already calling 999. Matt panics and runs away. When Rob and Claudia arrive at Shona’s, they ascertain whether Matt was really a threat to Shona at the time they were called.

Meanwhile, Matt calls his landlord to see if he’ll give him an alibi for that morning, which he’s happy to. When Claudia and Rob arrive to question Matt, he tells them his landlord can vouch for his whereabouts. He gives his side of the story about the confrontation with Shona. Matt assumed that because they loved each other once, they could have a mature conversation, but ever since the pandemic, Shona’s been suffering with mental health issues.


Nina is trying to manage the staff rotations, but she’s shocked when Zara announces she is off to New York. Nina can’t talk her round, and Zara is quickly off, not interested in discussing it further. Nina is fuming at being left in the lurch.

The Uni campus is hit with a nasty sickness bug, but no one knows what has caused it. Suni suspects it could be food related, but needs to investigate to find out. Scarlett handles the many sick students with ease, and Suni is impressed. They work together and locate the source of the outbreak.

Ben Rinsler & Olivia Dean turn up at Campus to see Ruhma for a routine appointment – Olivia is 37 weeks pregnant. But she doesn’t seem happy about the pregnancy, and we soon discover that Olivia’s baby has died inside her. But because she’s 37 weeks, she still has to give birth naturally, so all they’re doing is waiting for that. Angry and upset, she blames herself for what’s happened.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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