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Paul makes the most of an opportunity in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Paul makes the most of an opportunity in Neighbours

Today in Erinsborough…

An impatient Tess wants to know why Reece still isn’t any closer to finding her sister. Reece, with a new lead on Krista’s old car, asks Tess for more time. Meanwhile, Jane wants to get to know Reece more, so Byron organises a dinner. Reece enjoys the company, although feels a pang of loneliness when seeing how close Byron’s family are.

Nell is beginning to feel guilty about lying to Toadie and Terese, but she desperately wants to know if Melanie’s okay. In secret, she meets up with Sharon Davies, who provides her with some much-needed comfort. How long is Nell going to be able to keep up her covert mission?

Paul is thoroughly enjoying his discovery that Tess Carmichael, Conrad Sinclair’s right-hand woman is in town. Wanting to bank on the opportunity, he invites her to dinner. Paul thinks he’s in lockstep with Tess, but he may not realise how powerful and dangerous this family really is…

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