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Nell encounters a dangerous intruder in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Nell encounters a dangerous intruder in Neighbours

Today in Erinsborough…

Paul smells triumph when circumstantial evidence points to Reece being an addict. His attempts to manipulate Jane and Byron into smoking her out come to nothing, but his machinations on top of the stress of searching for Krista bring Reece close to breaking point.

Tension continues to simmer between Remi and Cara, as well as Andrew and Wendy. While Wendy’s determined to right her wrongs with the Varga-Murphys, Andrew cautions her to give them space. But when he makes peace with them himself, Wendy’s appalled to find he’s asked Cara for Philippa’s diary. Andrew reads the diary… and discovers something shocking.

When Nell learns Melanie’s been in touch with Sharon and is seemingly fine, she convinces Sharon to give her the new address. Sharon caves and Nell absconds from school to seek Melanie out and finally get some answers. But as she enters Mel’s house, Nell comes face-to-face with a dangerous intruder…

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