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Royal Institute of Oil Painters’ annual exhibition celebrates ‘finest contemporary, figurative oil paintings’

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Royal Institute of Oil Painters’ annual exhibition celebrates ‘finest contemporary, figurative oil paintings’

The prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters’ Annual Exhibition returns to Mall Galleries in London at the end of this month, with over 300 contemporary, figurative paintings by master oil painters from the UK and across the world – from both ROI members and non-members.

The work to be shown from Wednesday 29th November to Saturday 16th December 2023, reflects this royal institute’s founding ambition to promote and exhibit work of the highest standard in oil paint and demonstrates the huge versatility of this historic medium.

Most of the work shown will be available to buy at the show and online from Monday 13th November and includes something for every taste and style, from impressionist landscapes and painterly portraits to photorealistic pieces and those with a whimsical, illustrative style. Work is affordable, with most ranging in price from £500 to £10,000, making the exhibition an essential pre-Christmas visit for those looking for an original, special and unique gift for loved ones.

With a tradition of showcasing both emerging and established artists, the ROI Annual Exhibition offers a unique platform for young, new talent. Amongst the exhibition’s prizes*, collectively worth over £7,000, are four which specifically recognise the work of artists under the age of 30, highlighting the most promising new oil painting talent, not only in the UK but across the globe.

This year’s ROI Annual Exhibition promises to offer viewers a captivating journey into the world of oil painting, featuring a surprising range of artistic approaches. The exhibition’s breadth of style has been a key deliverable for The Royal Institute of Oil Painters’ newly elected President and oil painter, Adebanji Alade (PROI), who took office in April this year, after serving as Vice President for five years. President Alade brings a fresh perspective to the Annual Exhibition and the institute as a whole.

Royal Institute of Oil Painters President Adebanji Alade:

“In the selection process for this year’s show we have placed a strong emphasis on breadth of artistic expression in oil, this has helped ensure the exhibition achieves a dynamic atmosphere. We wanted to see different artists, who don’t usually work in oil, take on the medium, and this has greatly expanded the range of approaches. This diversity is important and has given this year’s exhibition a particularly contemporary feel.”

The theme of this year’s Annual Exhibition is ‘Urban Life,’ although artists have been encouraged to explore a diverse range of subjects and styles. Many of the works to be shown that have drawn on this subject matter represent London specifically – both in terms of the capital’s well-known landmarks and its lesser-known streets. Another noteworthy highlight of this year’s exhibition is the inclusion of a significant number of exceptional oil portraits, a rarity for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters’ Annual Exhibition. Portraits to be shown also reflect the exhibition’s diverse range of approaches to oil.

The ROI Annual Exhibition will run from November 29th – December 16th, 2023 at Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1.

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