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Shane Ramsay is part of Holly’s story in Neighbours

Shane Ramsay

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Shane Ramsay is part of Holly’s story in Neighbours

It’s a flashback week of specials…

When Neighbours returned, it jumped two years ahead from the series finale on Channel 5. Now across this week the Erinsborough residents ‘flash back’ to this year to explain what happened between those missing months.

Holly tells her side of the story, revealing that she arrived in Erinsborough a few days before Toadie and Melanie’s wedding, with her boyfriend Eden. Initially planning to surprise her family, Holly changes her mind when she spots her mum, Izzy, kissing Shane Ramsay – despite being with Mal – and soon discovers that they are together.

Holly and Eden later meet Krista; the three of them hit it off and make plans to travel together. After busting her cover, Mal gives Holly money to help her get away from Erinsborough,
and helps hide her presence from Karl and Susan.

In the present day, Terese remains conflicted about calling the police on Melanie. Melanie insists she is not back to cause trouble but Terese disagrees. Elsewhere, Aaron, David and Nicolette react to the news that Melanie is going to tell Toadie the whole truth … about everyone. Nicolette wonders if a certain ‘he’ is aware that this is all unfolding, with David adding that when everything comes out, it will be life changing.

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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