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Paul is also mixed up in the untold events in Neighbours

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Paul is also mixed up in the untold events in Neighbours

It’s a flashback week of specials…

When Neighbours returned, it jumped two years ahead from the series finale on Channel 5. Now across this week the Erinsborough residents ‘flash back’ to this year to explain what happened between those missing months.

Melanie continues with her story, going back a year ago, several weeks before Paul and Terese’s wedding vow renewal ceremony. It was at this time, that Krista started sending Melanie postcards from various locations drawing ever closer to Erinsborough. Finally, Krista arrives with her new boyfriend, Eden.

She appears to be taking drugs again and is begging Melanie for more money. Melanie rightfully refuses, even when Krista’s pleas evolve into blackmail threats, but one day, when the steps are tampered with on Melanie’s van, causing Hugo to injure himself, Melanie sees red.

Krista can do whatever she likes to her, but she will not tolerate having her family threatened.

Melanie stops her story at this point, unable to continue until David, Aaron and Nicolette arrive, as the next part of the saga also involves them. But before the trio arrive in Ramsay Street, David goes to the hotel to see Paul. From their conversation, it’s apparent Paul is also mixed up in the untold events. But what part did he play? And why is he so panicked to stop Melanie

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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