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An intoxicated Sonny is cause for concern in River City

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An intoxicated Sonny is cause for concern in River City

This week in Shieldinch…


After overhearing Angus and Bob prepare their put downs for Sam’s ‘Comedy Roast’ night, Sonny insists he wants to take part. Worried about Sonny’s vulnerability, the friends make it their mission to stop him getting involved.

Later, at The Tall Ship, with the comedy in full swing, an intoxicated Sonny is cause for concern. As the locals roast each other, Bob and Angus try their best to stop an all-too-eager Sonny from joining in. To their horror, Sonny takes to the stage but things quickly go awry as his grief suddenly takes hold – leaving Maggie to pick up the pieces.

Elsewhere, Andrew and Victoria join forces to hurt Lenny by getting Callum taken into care. Victoria meets with the mother of the boy Callum got into a fight with, manipulating her into making false claims.

Determined to exaggerate Callum’s dysfunctional home life, Victoria and Andrew set their sights on making sure Lenny’s grandson is taken into care – permanently. Madonna is keen to take her relationship with boyfriend Dean to the next level. Mikey has “the talk” with Madonna, much to her dismay while Dean turns to Tyler for advice.

It’s the day of Callum’s Children’s Hearing as Scarlett and Bob anxiously await the outcome.


It’s the day of Callum’s Children’s Hearing as Scarlett, Lenny and Bob anxiously await the outcome. However, little do they realise Andrew and Victoria have schemed to make sure Callum is taken into care.

At the hearing, the children’s reporter stuns the family with new eyewitness statements made against Callum – falsified by Victoria. With concerns about Callum’s homelife under the spotlight, the O’Hara’s and Murdochs are stunned when the panel make their verdict.

The family implode, blaming each other for Callum’s fate, while Andrew watches from the side-lines – delighted his revenge plan has worked. Elsewhere, as Maggie tries to help Sonny face his grief, while Caitlin grows concerned her mother’s own health will ultimately suffer.

Later, at the Tall Ship, Sonny seeks to deal with his grief with booze but Caitlin’s having none of it. He snaps at Maggie and storms off, leaving Caitlin worried Sonny will drag her recovering alcoholic mother down a dark path.

Uneasy about Mikey’s new boyfriend Jonathon, Gillian seeks insights from Ash and Armand. Ash thinks she’s overreacting but Armand assures her she’s being a good friend. She tries to put her suspicions aside but can’t shake her feeling of unease about Jonathon.

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