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Brendan Cole would Strictly like to see Angela Rippon in ballroom final

Angela Rippon


Brendan Cole would Strictly like to see Angela Rippon in ballroom final

Following Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s controversial exit from Strictly Come Dancing, at the weekend, Brendan Cole sat down with Sky Bingo in an exclusive interview to discuss his views on the contestants’ latest bid to win the Glitterball Trophy.

Brendan says in his latest chat about 2023’s Strictly that he’d love to see former Come Dancing host and BBC News presenter Angela Rippon make it to the final.

“I think it would be great for the show if she did make the final, but I don’t think she’ll get there. The Paso [Doble] she performed was a bit stiff. Previously I thought she could make it all the way, but it’s unlikely with the calibre of talent still in the competition.

“Leyton [Williams], Ellie [Leech], Nigel [Harman] and Angela [Scanlon] are all serious contenders because they are all very good and they are also bringing the judges and viewers something new each week. It’ll be hard for any of them to be kicked out, unless Angela’s voting audience really get behind her. After the last two weeks, it’s quite apparent that her audience vote is possibly dwindling.” 

Angela Rippon dances on SCD

Cole also pondered EastEnders regular Bobby Brazier and his ‘ridiculous’ hands and arms.

“I actually really liked Bobby’s [Brazier] number, but Craig’s [Revel Horwood] feedback was fair. I think the number was really pretty. But his hands and arms do look ridiculous when he dances. There’s not the attention to detail that he needs that perhaps other people are bringing. But it is probably the number I’ve liked the best from Bobby. I think the choreography was lovely and so was the theme, but if I was going to be critical, it did look a little bit like every other number he’s done.” 

Bobby Brazier dances on SCD

And looking towards this coming weekend Strictly comes from the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

“Ultimately, Blackpool is a big show. Everyone works their backsides off from morning to night trying to get the big routine together for the big Blackpool floor. I know from doing it for many years, it’s a really hard week. Then next Sunday they will all be travelling back home with massive hangovers (because you do party ridiculously hard when you go to Blackpool).

“It can be detrimental to the competition as you are physically and mentally fatigued but it won’t stop them. They will have an amazing weekend but come Monday they will be back down to earth with a new week and a new challenge. The home straight is close.”

Brendan Cole was speaking to Sky Bingo. Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday and Sunday on BBC One.

Bobby Brazier

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