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Letitia Dean on EastEnders ‘Albie biological dad twist’


Letitia Dean on EastEnders ‘Albie biological dad twist’

Letitia Dean – iconic Sharon Watts in EastEnders – has spoken about the revelation that Albie’s biological dad is Phil Mitchell and not Keanu Taylor as she had thought.

The revelation that Albie is a Mitchell and not a Taylor came after Sharon learned that her son Albie has a rare genetic disorder in the EastEnders episode that aired last night (November 15). After a blood test, a doctor revealed to Sharon, on her own, that Albie has the condition Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency. The tests also revealed the daddy dilemma.

Keanu was outside the consultant’s room so is currently blissfully unaware he’s not the father. Conversely, Sharon is still unaware that Albie’s recent “kidnap” was at the hands of Keanu and his mum Karen and a fake ransom hostage situation. Just a typical week in East London.

Still, that is something for Sharon to deal with when it inevitably is revealed. In the meantime Sharon tries to process the news from the hospital; however tonight (Thursday 16th, November) she lashes out at Keanu in The Vic for continuing with their engagement drinks; this leaves Phil suspicious that everything isn’t happy in paradise so isn’t too surprised when his ex-wife arrives on his doorstep wanting to talk. However, even Phil isn’t expecting the news Sharon tries to tell him. With the wine flowing will Phil show a soft caring side or will he scupper her announcement with inapt comments?

One thing’s for sure there will be plenty of longing looks from Sharon as she lurks around Albert Square coming to terms with her latest trauma.

Last night, Sharon had the shock of her life as it was revealed that Phil is Albie’s biological dad. How is she feeling?

“She’s in total disbelief, she just cannot believe it. Not for one moment since she did the original paternity test has she ever considered that Phil could be his dad.”

 How did you react when you found out this twist?

“Oh it’s a great surprise and one that makes so much sense.  Sharon and Phil have such a history together. In one way it feels like it’s brought their story full circle, but in another, it feels like their story has only just begun. It is going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.”

Does Sharon feel obliged to tell Phil?

“She doesn’t know what to do – she’s absolutely flawed! Sharon and Keanu have only just rekindled their engagement after months of an off-and-on relationship, and she knows full well that this news will blow that apart!

“On the other hand, there is such a mutual respect between Sharon and Phil, and deep down I don’t think she could or would want to keep this news from him, but he also doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to parenting so she’s worried about the influence he could have on Albie.  The stakes are so high as she could stand to lose Keanu if she admits the truth…”

Historically, Phil has always wanted a child with Sharon. How do you think he would react if he found out the news?

“Family is everything to Phil. So, Sharon knows that once this secret is out, there is no turning back.”

Does Sharon turn to anyone for support?

“She turns to Zack for support. She trusts her brother implicitly, and he’s probably the only person she can share this news with.”

What advice does he give her?

“Sharon feels like the family plans she has worked so hard to rebuild are all about to come tumbling down. Zack helps her view the situation from a different angle, but ultimately only Sharon can decide what’s best for her and her son.”  

Last year, Sharon made it known to Phil that she still loved him before Keanu unexpectedly returned to Walford. Do you think this news could pull Phil and Sharon closer together again?

“This has come as a total shock for Sharon and right now she is planning to marry Keanu and Phil is happy with Kat.”

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