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Reece gives Paul a hostile warning in Neighbours

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Reece gives Paul a hostile warning in Neighbours

The final visit of the week to Erinsborough…

Reece is devastated to receive the news that her father Conrad has had a stroke and has been rushed to hospital. Realising that she’ll have to return to the US immediately, Reece breaks the news to Krista, who’s devastated and fearful that she may never see her father again. Paul, meanwhile, is intrigued by what this may mean for Lassiters, and he correctly assumes that Reece will have to return home. Reece, however, leaves Paul with a parting warning… It doesn’t matter where she is in the world, it’s still her mission to make him pay for what he did to Krista.

Chloe, meanwhile, makes a great impression upon Reece, who consequently makes a veiled offer… Reece is going to need someone to be her eyes and ears while she’s away – would Chloe like to be the person she can rely upon? Byron, meanwhile, is blindsided when Reece organises a limo to take her to the airport, rather than allowing Byron to drive her. He’s still fully assuming this is only a temporary parting of the ways, however, but Reece is much more pragmatic about where they now stand with each other…It’s a tender farewell between the lovers.. And very possibly, the last time they’ll see each other…

Mackenzie is horrified when she returns home and finds out that Haz and Holly have slept with each other. Holly’s beside herself with excitement and is a little uncertain why Mackenzie doesn’t seem to be sharing in her joy. She assumes it’s because Mackenzie was so badly burned recently, by her attempt to tip her toe back into the dating world, and she suggests to a horrified Sadie that they should try to set Mackenzie up with a really nice guy… Sadie has to break Mackenzie’s confidence, and she tells Holly that Mackenzie has feelings for Haz – that’s the reason she’s not jumping over the moon about the fact that Holly has hooked up with him.

When confronted by Holly, Mackenzie admits she does like Haz, but as she’s not ready to jump into a relationship yet, she gives her friends her blessing to be together. Holly is thrilled, and she and Haz agree to see where things go between them… For Mackenzie, however, it’s going to be tough to be around the pair of them…

Cara reassures JJ that he needn’t feel guilty about wanting to know more information about his father, and she pulls up some information on his sperm donor, hoping this will help to assuage his curiosity. She manages to injure herself, however, whilst working at The Waterhole, and David is on the spot to help out. When Cara assumes David is a doctor, he doesn’t correct her, which Aaron later questions. David is somewhat touchy in response – he just didn’t feel like he needed to divulge his whole life story. For Aaron, it’s an insight into another reason why David may be so reluctant to return to Erinsborough…

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