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Susan has a difficult decision to make in Neighbours

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Susan has a difficult decision to make in Neighbours

Thursday’s visit to Erinsborough…

After David finds Krista missing and learns that Holly told her about Conrad, he goes into action mode and organises a search party. He finds her but then learns that she’s scored more drugs. It’s touch and go, but David manages to turn Krista around by opening up to her about his medical manslaughter experience, and how that changed the direction of his life. Krista returns to the hotel with David, where she gets rid of her drugs and asks David to stay overnight, to ensure she doesn’t slip up again.

When David presents options of a short-stay rehab to help her recover and hire a sober companion once she’s discharged, this leads to Krista offering David a job as her sober companion.

David, who has thrived in this caring role, is honoured by the offer. And knowing how happy it would make Aaron, Jane and Nicolette, he decides to accept the position. They’re moving back to Erinsborough.

Holly is feeling terrible after spilling the news about Conrad to Krista, but Haz is there to lift her spirits. However, when Haz suggests some drinks to cheer Holly up, Holly misreads that as another offer of a sleepover, and Haz doesn’t correct her. However, when Holly spills one of Haz’s precious sample coffees, all the repressed tension comes out and he explodes at her in a nasty rage. Haz turns to Mackenzie for advice, and even though it hurts Mackenzie to do so, she encourages Haz to mend the rift, and the couple are consequently reunited.

With the school about to close and Terese’s development a done deal, Susan learns both Jane and Terese are tentatively hopeful that they will be able to move on from their previous acrimony. But when Susan bumps into her old student Summer Hoyland and learns about the secret school protest, her concerns are raised about the potential inflammation of tensions. Wendy and Nicolette beg Susan to keep their secret so the protest can go ahead, but which side will she choose to land on?

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