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Nub TV bring Christmas cheer by ‘attempting to contact a UFO’

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Nub TV bring Christmas cheer by ‘attempting to contact a UFO’

Nub TV the unusual channel that mixes unexplained flying objects, the paranormal and music will this Christmas teach the world to…..summon a UFO…

A special one-off show hosted by Pocket Gods’ frontman Mark Christopher Lee and Guy Thompson will see them attempt to, using the CE5 process – Close Encounters Of The 5th Kind –  summon a UFO live on air. The programme will also air on Ayozat TV – Channel 186 on Sky. Mark and Guy will also show viewers how to partake in a little alien invitation by running through the process, so Nub TV notes that they ‘may expect to see a lot of UFOs this Christmas.’

Mark Christopher Lee:

“I’ve been looking into this CE5 process which was set up by UFO expert Dr Stephen Greer with a skeptical mind. Like all unexplained phenomena, I take a rational but open mind to. I have a science degree and these things can usually be explained rationally. I have seen evidence of other people doing this CE5 and strange lights have appeared, now was this coincidence or is there something to it? So I thought why don’t we test this on our TV show and see if it works for us. We can also teach our viewers the simple steps so if it does work then there will be UFOS all over the world this Christmas!”

The show aims to bring a bit of light relief this Christmas to a somewhat troubled world. The Nub TV channel’s aim is to bring UFO disclosure to the UK.

Mark Christopher Lee:

“There is something unknown in the skies. Too many credible pilots and military personnel have testified under oath about this. What it is I don’t know but it seems to be a technology that is more advanced than what is in our day to day world. I think this tech whatever it is needs to be shared with the world and may help us solve the current problems we have on Earth.”

All I Want for Christmas is U…FO will air on Ayozat TV – Channel 186 on Sky and stream from 20th December on Nub TV via the Ayozat App or at

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