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Melanie has another battle on her hands in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Melanie has another battle on her hands in Neighbours

Today’s visit to Erinsborough…

Following her fall, Melanie is left in peril, alone and dipping in and out of consciousness. Curious about her friend’s whereabouts, Jane encourages a search for Melanie. Horror and panic washes over Toadie as he finds Melanie barely breathing on the stairwell.

His anger and hurt dissipate in the moment as he fears for her safety. After being rushed to the hospital, Remi relays that Melanie has suffered a serious concussion and will require surgery for her shattered shoulder. Terese is distressed to learn that one of her security guards was responsible. Similarly, Nicolette is stricken with guilt over accidentally inciting a riot – leading not only to Melanie’s predicament but potentially the final nail in the school’s coffin.

A concerned Toadie lingers at the hospital.

Overwhelmed by the presence of the man she loves, Melanie asks Remi to make Toadie leave; he agrees, not wanting to upset her. Following Nell’s refusal to go home, Toadie allows his daughter to stay at the hospital with Susan. Just when Melanie finally seems stable, an emergency ‘Code Blue’ blares – Melanie’s blood pressure has plummeted and she’s unresponsive. Remi discerns there’s been a bleed on the brain, and Melanie needs emergency surgery.

David and Aaron prepare to head back to the country and pack up their house for the move back to Erinsborough. Running into Cara on the street they realise they are going to be living opposite the person David led to believe he was a doctor a few days ago. Aaron points out David is going to have to come clean to her sooner or later and David steels himself to make the admission. Without going into details he lets Cara know that while he used to be a doctor he has now moved on to a new phase of his career. Cara accepts the information without probing or being at all troubled. David is left feeling lighter – it’s a relief to feel he’s moving on from a difficult time.

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