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S4C follow Dyfed Powys Police Chief Constable Richard Lewis in three part series

Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police, Dr Richard Lewis / S4C


S4C follow Dyfed Powys Police Chief Constable Richard Lewis in three part series

In a new series on S4C the Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police discusses his goal of eradicating domestic abuse in the area.

Dr Richard Lewis says it could take a generation to end domestic violence, and believes the work needs to start now. Over the last 18 months, S4C has been given exclusive access to follow the Chief Constable, with the three-part series Y Prif / The Chief with the first episode hitting the air tonight.

He was appointed in 2021, with a brief to transform the performance of his force that is responsible for policing two thirds of Wales. Dr Lewis is known as an outspoken and controversial figure. The 48-year-old Chief Constable has gone on record to set ambitious targets within his force.

The most far-reaching and challenging is his bid to eradicate domestic abuse in the Dyfed Powys area. He admits to scepticism and criticism within his force in relation to the ambitious target:

“People tell me it’s an impossible task to try and get rid of domestic abuse completely, ‘Why are you saying that?’, they ask. ‘You’re making my work impossible.’ They just think it’s not realistic, we’re never going to achieve it, and that it’s pie in the sky.”

Tom Jones at ATV Elstree, Dr Richard Lewis earlier this year suggested Jones’ hit Delilah should be binned to history

But he concedes that it will take time to reach his goal of eradicating domestic abuse.

“It may take a generation. It’s a project that will take years, but it’s a project that’s worth starting now. We are the first police force to state publicly that this is our aim.”

The Chief Constable has created media headlines on his controversial views. In February this year, he provoked a storm on Twitter by suggesting a ban on Delilah being sung during international rugby matches at Wales’ Principality Stadium, due to its misogynistic undertones. The tweet was seen by 3.5 million people, sparking over 10,000 responses.

“I know that everyone won’t agree with me, but some of those responses were over the top,” he claims. Despite the negativity and personal abuse he received online – being branded a “disgrace” and “woke” by some – he maintains he has no regrets. “It’s very easy in a job like mine to hide away in an office away from people and to say nothing,”

“I can draw attention to important subjects such as domestic abuse. If one person sees that tweet supporting victims of domestic abuse, and if one person as a result calls the police, then it’s worthwhile having 10,000 people shouting in my face.”

In the first episode of the three-part series, Dr Richard Lewis goes on patrol to assess the challenges facing Dyfed Powys Police force as he starts the work of transforming the force. In the second episode, the cameras follow the Chief Constable as he tackles drug use, and the last episode looks at the challenges of policing domestic abuse.

Y Prif, tonight, Tuesday 5 December, 9 pm, S4C

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