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Steve Backshall looks at how whales are ‘ocean survivors’


Steve Backshall looks at how whales are ‘ocean survivors’

In the final of the four-part series ‘Whale with Steve Backshall’ its a case of survival.

Steve Backshall returns home to ask, if whales have survived so much, what can we all do to ensure their enduring future?

The waters of the North Atlantic are a global hotspot for whales and dolphins – home to a third of the world’s species. Steve travels to the British Isles to follow some specific stories of survival and meet the people striving to give whales and dolphins a future.

He joins scientists, in this edition entitled ‘Ocean Survivors’, making surprising discoveries about the lengths whales have gone to to adapt to changes we’ve caused to their ocean homes and asks how we can adapt our behaviour to give them a more successful future.

Whale with Steve Backshall, tonight (Sunday 24 December) at 8 pm on Sky Nature

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