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Top 10 wellness trends based on TikTok popularity


Top 10 wellness trends based on TikTok popularity

The team at BonusInsider analysed trending New Year resolution videos from the last month and identified a total of 20 viral wellness movements.

The researchers ranked each trend by the combined number of views of its related hashtags and compiled a list of the top 10 wellness trends that are predicted to continue dominating the platform in the time to come.

As we step into 2024, wellness trends align with people’s New Year resolutions, which have resulted in the boom of wellness-related content on TikTok over the past few months. From setting new fitness goals to adopting healthier habits and improving overall well-being – now is the best time for everyone to kick-start positive lifestyle changes. With that in mind, our team crawled TikTok to find out the most viral wellness trends that your audience may find appealing and worthy of incorporating into their New Year’s resolutions.

According to the findings, a concept called Girl Therapy is the top 2024 wellness trend with more than 150 billion combined views of its related hashtags, followed by Glow-up Hacks (123.4 billion combined TikTok views) and Quick and Healthy Meal Prep Ideas (75.8 billion combined TikTok views).

Girl Therapy is the top 2024 wellness trend on TikTok from our list with over 150b combined views of its related hashtags. It involves various self-care practices for improving health and well-beingTikTok’s Glow-up Hacks trend ranks second with over 120 billion combined views. It promotes a sustainable glow-up process that includes improvements in various aspects of life.

Four out of all top 10 wellness trends for 2024 are focused on mental and emotional health, as well as sustainable lifestyle changes, including Vision Boarding (59.2 billion), Slow Living (19.7 billion), Journaling (12.6 billion) and Habit Stacking (11.6 billion). Two of the top-ranked wellness trends stress the importance of nurturing the body by eating healthier with Quick and healthy recipes (75.8 billion) and going on a Sugar Detox (16.8 billion) to enjoy the benefits of breaking sugar addiction.

Other wellness trends within the top 10 list include Home Organization strategies (49.8 billion) to enhance your environmental wellness and Personalized Workouts (13 billion), especially for those new to fitness.

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