Viewers have rushed to online retailer Amazon in a pre-order frenzy for series two of drama Homeland after the second run debuted on television earlier this week.

The return of the popular series also sparked resurgence in popularity of the Homeland Season one DVD which shot to the top of the Film & Bestseller chart at last night.

 “As one of the most highly-anticipated TV series this autumn Homeland didn’t disappoint when it returned to the screen last night, immediately triggering a huge surge in people pre-ordering the DVD and Blu-ray of Season 2,” said John Boumphrey, Music, DVD and MP3 director at Ltd.

“Season 1 has been selling well due to big wins at the recent Emmy Awards but now that people have started watching Season 2 the first season has shot to the top of the bestseller chart and we predict it could be a contender for one of the most popular box sets this Christmas.” He added.

The site says that demand for the DVD for series two had increased 750% while Blu-ray saw an uplift of 450%.

Homeland is currently airing in the UK on Channel 4

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