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Trevor wags for his home in Neighbours

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Trevor wags for his home in Neighbours

This week in Erinsborough…


Cara believes Chelsea’s reasoning for coming to Erinsborough is purely to see her and the boys. But it’s clear Chelsea’s interest in Paul Robinson runs deep…

When Remi sees Chelsea trying to start up a conversation with Paul, she worries Chelsea is going to create havoc for Cara at her workplace. But Cara doesn’t mind and Chelsea manages to impress Paul with an eloquent pitch. Whatever she’s up to it seems to be working.

Karl is troubled after Melanie’s revelation about wanting to move. He thinks it’s too soon, and implores Melanie to stay at Number Twenty-Eight a bit longer until she’s fully healed. But Toadie and Terese have heard the news about Melanie’s potential move, and privately admit it might be what’s best for everyone.

Haz is sick of hiding Trevor, so decides to call his previous owner, Alyssa. With Mackenzie’s encouragement, he explains that he is Trevor’s legal owner now and Alyssa has no rights to him. But when she asks to meet in person, Haz’s conscience is torn. This may not be the easy interaction he was hoping for…


When Sasha finally replies to Nicolette’s message, he offers to meet, but she becomes conflicted about the value of re-opening old wounds. But realizing how on edge she is Nicolette concedes she can’t keep living in paranoia. She needs to make peace with her past so she can move on. Meeting Sasha, she also reveals that Veronica has been stalking her and pleads he make contact to give Veronica the closure she needs and so stop her harassment. However, Sasha baulks, unsure he can face seeing Veronica again.

Secretly hoping Nicolette’s come there for him, Sasha does his best to get her to admit it was more than a twisted scheme to her, that they had a real connection. Despite her denial, there’s a hint that she felt more too. Wanting to do what he can to help Nicolette, Sasha agrees to contact Veronica and assure her he never slept with Nicolette. Returning home, Nicolette can’t help but be pleased she’s managed to get her way. Her relief however soon turns to panic when she returns home to be confronted by a hooded figure lurking in the house.

As an excited Chelsea sets up her pop-up stall in the complex, Krista pulls Paul up for not keeping her in the loop about it. However, a sneering Paul asks whether her and Leo are so transparent – leaving the pair feeling caught out. Meanwhile, with Chelsea’s charismatic salesmanship on show, Paul can’t help but be impressed, and Chelsea laps up his continued attention. It’s all downhill from here though – despite Chelsea’s pep talk, JJ is let down by a gentle Sadie after he works up the courage to ask her on a date, leaving him devastated, and Krista soon discovers Chelsea has no insurance, forcing her to close down the pop-up.

Chelsea’s hit again when Paul reveals he unfortunately can’t go ahead with her fragrance proposal. But with Paul’s gracious and complimentary letdown, Chelsea is surprisingly nonchalant about her failed business ventures. It leaves Remi suspicious – what’s Chelsea up to?

Haz grieves the loss of his best buddy, with Byron and Mackenzie at a loss to know how to help. Mackenzie is quick to shut down a well-meaning Byron who thinks getting Haz a new dog is the answer. In a surprise turn, Trevor barrels back into Number 32 and Haz is overjoyed, however, it’s a bittersweet reunion as he’s soon forced to ask Byron and Mackenzie to call Alyssa to come and pick him up again. Faced with saying goodbye to his best friend for a second time, Haz is left utterly desolated.


Embarrassed, Nicolette apologises to the dazed visitor, who explains she had let herself in to drop off some mail. Later, Veronica accosts Nicolette, David and Aaron, revealing that Sasha emailed, telling her he’s gone into even deeper hiding after Nicolette warned him.

Hurt and angry, Veronica tells the trio she’s going to make them all pay…

Krista is surprised when Leo turns up on her doorstep with Abigail in tow, asking her to babysit. It’s a big development for their burgeoning relationship. Later, when Krista unconsciously rests her hand on her baby bump, Paul witnesses the telling gesture. It’s safe to say Paul is not happy learning his son may be about to become a stepdad.

Leo wants him to back off, but will Paul be able to?

Troubled by Haz’s deep pain after losing Trevor, Mackenzie comes up with a plan to negotiate a custody share for Trevor with his old family. However, when she meets up with the father of the family, he reveals that ‘Bodie’ has been miserable since they brought him home, and suggests an even more surprising solution to Mackenzie…


With loved-up couples staring her in the face, Melanie is determined to change her relationship status.

She decides to go on a date with the Drinks Divas fruit supplier. Although the date is a fizzer, some of the neighbours have seen the two together and are clearly relieved she is moving on. Melanie doesn’t have the heart to tell them the date was a bust, and begins to dig herself into a hole…

Haz and Mackenzie are keen to get their new relationship right. When they fail at their plan to keep communal areas a PDA-free zone, Byron quickly gets up to speed on their new status and suggests they let Holly know, before she hears it from someone else. It’s a delicate time as the friends all juggle their new dynamic.

Aaron organises some alone time in the Share House pool for him and David. The two reflect on the significance of their old home. When David broaches that he wants to expand their family, Aaron joyfully confesses his excitement. The future looks bright for these two.

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