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Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 24th January

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 24th January

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 24th January

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, January 24.

When Suki bumps into a friend, Barminder, she struggles to explain why she split with Nish. Suki confides that she is afraid of judgement from others, and Barminder offers her advice.

Later, Suki meets Nish to discuss their divorce only to find the Giani (prayer leader) from their temple is there as a mediator instead of their son Vinny. After the excruciating meeting, the gloves are off between Suki and Nish.

Meanwhile, Cindy tells Dean that he has got until the end of the day to make a decision. Gina is shocked when Dean reveals what Cindy has offered him, and they agree to have a romantic evening at his place. The date takes a dark turn when Gina sees Dean’s true colours.

Elsewhere, Denzel gets into trouble at school, and Yolande explains to Kim that he’s acting out as he’s scared about being left by her and Howie.

Kim feels terrible that they didn’t notice, and she and Howie decide to stay in Walford. But when they speak to Denzel, he reassures them he’ll be fine and tells them to go.

Also, Whitney tells Zack that she needs to go to Milton Keynes for a while to console Bianca, who has split with Terry. Zack comes up with the idea of getting Penny to run Whit’s stall.

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Ed tells Dee-Dee that his mate, Marcus, has offered him a bed at his house so he will move out today and is hoping that Gary will put in an offer for the yard. However, in the Bistro, Gary explains to Ed that he won’t be buying the yard.

As Dee-Dee helps Ed pack up his things, Marcus calls Ed and tells him the spare room is no longer available but Ed covers.

Later, Michael learns from Ronnie that Ed is homeless. He’s horrified to see smoke billowing from the builder’s yard and as he races up the stairs, there’s no sign of Ed. As Michael turns to leave, he realises the fire has spread and the stairs are engulfed in flames. Will Michael be rescued in time?

Meanwhile, Simon admits to Bobby he threw a sickie, went on an all day bender with his mates and now he’s got the hangover from hell. When Simon turns up late for work, Beth points out that nobody else would get away with it.

When Kirk sprains his ankle, Carla orders Simon to take the Underworld van and make the delivery but Simon refuses. Will Simon’s special treatment end?

Elsewhere, Bernie calls at the flower shop flat to find Billy on the sofa after putting his back out helping Paul out of the bath due to Moses running late.

On the street, a stressed Moses explains to Todd how overworked he is, and as Todd offers him a comforting hug, an angry Bernie watches from a distance. Moses receives a call from his boss telling him he’s now been suspended. How will Paul react to this?

Also, Tracy shows Tommy Orpington, the decorator, into No.1 and Tommy reveals that he’s a retired footballer. Steve returns home and is stunned to find his hero in the living room.

Coronation Street, ITV1, tonight at 8pm

Nate’s suspicion gets the better of him as he rifles through Tracy’s phone and discovers deleted messages to and from Caleb.

Meanwhile, Aaron continues to push Cain’s buttons.

Elsewhere, it’s awkward between Liam and Chas when Mandy pressurises them into a double date in The Woolpack.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

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