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The Masked Singer reveals a morning star as Owl


The Masked Singer reveals a morning star as Owl

ITV Daytime mainstay Lorraine Kelly left the panel gobsmacked when she was unmasked as Owl on this week’s The Masked Singer…

Competing against Air Fryer, Eiffel Tower, Piranha, Maypole, Cricket, Bigfoot, and Dippy Egg, Owl became the fifth celebrity to be unmasked. Rita Ora was back on the panel this week, with special guest Ellie Goulding joining Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan – none of whom guessed that it was Lorraine masquerading as Owl.

What made you do the Masked Singer?

I just wanted to have a bit of fun to kick off the year and to be a bit silly. I’ve never had a chance to sing in front of an audience before, and I thought if I was behind a mask it wouldn’t be as scary.

What do you think of our panel’s guesses?

I was astounded that the panel didn’t get me right away because I thought they would hear my Scottish accent. I worked really quite hard to try and not be too Scottish, but I thought they would get me right away, and I thought it was hilarious who they were saying. It was really funny. I was really pleased that they didn’t get me.

Air Fryer, Bubble Tea, Owl, Piranha, Eiffel Tower and Chicken Ceasar

What are the best and the worst things about performing in the costume?

I think the best thing about performing as an owl is you’re the Owl, you’re not yourself, you can do whatever you want. The costume is amazing. My head would turn round, and I could just have the greatest fun. I think the worst thing about it is if you need to go for a wee, forget it. You’ve just got to hold it in!

Would you say you had any similarities between yourself and the Owl character?

I think Owl and I are quite cheeky, quite naughty, we both definitely have a naughty side. I still, even at my age, feel as if I haven’t grown up. I think Owl is young and funny and silly, and there’s not enough silliness in the world.

Who do you think is going to be most surprised when your identity is revealed?

I think my mum will just not believe it. Also, so many people on my show love The Masked Singer so much, and they will lose their minds. My daughter just won’t believe it, because she’s always teasing me about the fact that when we sing along in the car, I just make up the words to songs.

She wouldn’t even think that I’m going to be able to do this because first of all, I’ve never sang in front of anybody, and also because I can’t remember the words of any tunes.

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