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Aaron becomes distressed in Neighbours

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Aaron becomes distressed in Neighbours

This week in Erinsborough…


Reeling from his conversation with Melanie, Toadie decides to make sure there isn’t any more trouble avoidance is the best policy.

When Terese finally confesses her own secret about visiting Paul and lying to Toadie about it, his guilt ramps up and he confronts Melanie. But far from closing the door on her hopes, he only ignites them further…

A gang of kids is causing trouble in the Complex with vandalism and graffiti. When Cara discovers Paul’s portrait has been badly damaged, she assumes it was the gang. But when Aaron sees the painting, his furore towards Paul makes Cara second guess her assumption. Aaron is more angry than anyone realised, and he later lashes out, unable to control himself…


After Aaron’s confrontation with Slade, Andrew tries to talk sense into him but it seems it’s fallen on deaf ears. Aaron’s inability to cope with his grief as well as the demands of being a parent, see him running away from his responsibilities.

Nicolette’s had enough, and tired and emotional herself, she snaps…

After scaring off Slade and his gang after vandalizing the van, JJ’s ego takes a beating when his mums find out. Cara is still bearing the emotional scars from her own whistleblowing past. However, Cara may have been right to worry as JJ finds himself in another threatening situation with Slade…

Krista is still feeling the loss of David keenly. While she’s determined to stay sober, she can’t help but feel lonely and triggered. This isn’t lost on the housemates of Number Thirty-Two and they come up with a plan to help. It looks like Krista is finally getting the support she needs.


Everyone’s worrying about Aaron’s sudden disappearance, but Nicolette is struggling to feel any sympathy. Obviously, he’s only acting out of deep blinding grief, but as far as Nicolette’s concerned, he’s abandoned their family and left her in the unenviable position of trying to explain to Isla where he’s gone.

Isla is clearly troubled by the disappearance of her other father and starts fearing that Nicolette might disappear as well. With Jane’s unwavering support, Nicolette is given some time and space to decompress, and for the first time since David’s death, she finally releases her own deep feelings of grief.

Cara is perturbed about Chelsea moving into Paul’s penthouse. Yes, Paul’s in a bad emotional state and definitely needs looking after, but is Chelsea really the right person to do it? Remi (thrilled that Chelsea is out of their house and no longer living with them) tells Cara she’s not responsible for her sister’s actions and to let the matter go.

But when Chelsea starts throwing her weight around the hotel, believing she has permission to act as Paul’s proxy and make wider business decisions, including cancelling Krista’s “Lassiters Longest Lie-In” event, Cara can’t let it go. Her sister is seriously disrupting her workplace and something needs to be done.

When Terese makes a scathing remark to Melanie while she’s picking up rubbish for her community service order, Melanie responds by getting dressed up to the nines in her tiger print, and deliberately tempting Toadie. Watching Melanie’s actions (but unaware of the full story) Holly becomes worried and decides to inform Karl.

Equally concerned, Karl encourages Toadie to be honest with Terese about what’s been going on. In the meantime, Melanie has already blurted some of the story to Terese, and when Toadie comes home with flowers to apologise, Terese is already furious.


A rueful Toadie reveals to Terese that Melanie has been pondering her future and some of her thoughts leave Terese shattered and shares her hurt with Wendy. Later, when Melanie questions whether Toadie told Terese everything that they’ve discussed his hesitation speaks volumes.

Observing Paul’s ‘objections’ to the ‘Lie-In’ have only come through Chelsea, Krista seeks confirmation of his stance by sneaking up to the penthouse while Chelsea is on a break. Paul agrees to the event, in exchange for Krista advocating for him with Leo. Will Paul’s desperate attempt to reconnect with his son succeed?

Wendy catches Andrew looking through a family photo album, and his defensive reaction leaves her curious. He continues to be out of sorts for the rest of the day, and Wendy starts to piece together what might be going on with her husband…

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