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March highlights from Acorn TV


March highlights from Acorn TV

Highlights from Acorn TV for March…


Based on Jørn Lier Horst’s crime novel ‘The Inner Darkness,’ Series two of Wisting literally opens with a bang. A convicted killer escapes from Detective Wisting’s custody by triggering a grenade during the inspection of a potential crime scene in the woods. The case also becomes personal for the detective’s daughter, Line, who is shooting a true crime-documentary about serial killers and was the one who instigated the whole inspection.

Series three sees the family Christmas ruined when Wisting faces the most challenging case of his career. A shocking discovery has terrified the locals of the small Norwegian town of Larvik: a wanted American serial killer turns out to be living among them. Meanwhile, Line’s journalistic investigation into the death of her neighbour, Viggo, puts her in the serial killer’s line of sight. To make matters worse, Wisting is suspended on suspicion of tampering with evidence in a previous infamous murder case which lead to a wrongful conviction. Series one is also streaming on Acorn TV.

Good Grief

Unsure what to do with the funeral home – or the oddball staff that keep the place running – Ellie and Gwen Goode are thrust into a world of embalming, emceeing, and embarrassment. Recently fired from her teaching career, Ellie starts to warm to her new job, but all Gwen wants to do is DJ in Bali. By staring death in the face every day, Ellie and Gwen begin to confront the realities of their own lives, and what they want to make of them. Good Grief finds light in the darkness, weaving both the comedy and tragedy of life into a rich emotional tapestry.

This Close

A groundbreaking original relationship dramedy created, written, and starring Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman, both of whom are deaf, exploring the relationship between best friends Kate (Stern), who is newly engaged, and Michael (Feldman), who is attempting to move on from his ex-fiancé. Based on a series of digital shorts, this honest, funny and endearing show explores universal and relatable themes of love and friendship — in its many permutations.

Bad Mothers

Bad Mothers follows five very modern women juggling the big issues of love, family, careers, infidelity … and murder. When their lives collide following a series of shocking events, the Bad Mothers will learn that life can get a whole lot more complicated, more outrageous – and a whole lot more fun – than they ever imagined. Starring Shalom Brune-Franklin (The Tourist), Tess Haubrich (After the Verdict), Mandy McElhinney (Halifax: Retribution), Jessica Tovey (Wonderland) and Melissa George (The Mosquito Coast).

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