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Toadie completely avoids Melaine in Neighbours

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Toadie completely avoids Melaine in Neighbours

This week in Erinsborough…


Toadie completely avoids Melaine and her attempts to talk. Undeterred, Melanie is feeling hopeful she may be able to get back in her ex-husband’s good books and despite Holly’s warnings, attempts to stay within Toadie’s orbit.

But Toadie continues to ignore Melanie’s pleas to talk, despite their beds being right next to each other. Instead, he pays extra attention towards Terese, to the point where Melanie can’t take it anymore. She quits the competition and leaves, heartbroken, followed by a concerned Holly, who reminds her of her previous warning.

Devastated, Melanie tells Holly the only reason she entered the contest was to be near Toadie.

Krista is nervous but excited as she prepares to launch Lassiters Longest Lie-In. She reassures Paul that everything is in place, unaware that Chelsea has plans to disrupt things by changing the roster, so the event is understaffed.

Thinking on her feet, Krista hands out walkie-talkies to make sure the staff she does have, work as efficiently as possible. The competition begins and so does the friendly rivalry, with Cara and Remi doing their best to psych out Haz and Mackenzie, while Byron flirts with Sadie as he serves her, much to Nicolette’s bemusement. Vera proves to be her usual overbearing self until Holly orchestrates her early demise from the contest and most people survive the first night.


Terese reels, in shock after hearing Melanie’s confession about her and Toadie.

Terese hurries home and texts Paul that she needs him. Meanwhile, Mackenzie questions a deeply ashamed Toadie about what happened. Melanie’s hopeful this will force them all to be honest and that she and Toadie will be a family again.

But is Melanie going to get the happy ending she’s expecting?

The Lie-In competition at the hotel continues with a surprising return of Billie with an agenda to sabotage Haz and Mackenzie, but it backfires. As the contestant numbers dwindle, the winners are finally announced and Chelsea’s stymied once more with the resounding success of the event, all due to Krista.

Aaron avoids the Lie-In and his ongoing conflict with Nicolette, by spending time with Isla. But after a series of reminders about David’s involvement in the Lie-In, he finally takes Isla to the Complex, resulting in a small thaw with Nicolette and takes comfort in reminiscing with his family about David.


Although regretful after her impulsive slap, Melanie reminds Toadie that he came to her – over and over again. While she’ll always regret her choices that ended their marriage, it doesn’t give Toadie the right to use her to exercise his frustrations.

After Nell and Hugo witness the fraught moment, Toadie explains the recent events that have caused turmoil among the family and former wife. Nell is dismayed. After comforting an anxious Hugo, Nell confronts Melanie and says she will never forgive her. When Melanie encounters Terese, Terese congratulates her for ‘winning’. But Melanie counters that Toadie ruled out any reunion for him and Melanie. Terese is the one he wants to be with.

Despite this, Terese feels unable to be him any longer after all the sneaky behaviour. Andrew meanwhile is surprised when Toadie refutes the idea of separation from Terese or renewing his relationship with Melanie; Terese is the one he wants. A heartbroken Nell visits Terese at the hotel, offering support, loyalty, and love.

As the ramifications continue to reverberate, Melanie puts away her wedding ring, seemingly closing the lid on her relationship with Toadie.

When the Rodwells find Felix in the spa with his girlfriend, Jools, Andrew takes umbrage at not being consulted about Felix entertaining a house guest. He drops his reservations, however, when Felix assures him that Jools is squeaky clean. Later, Wendy scores Felix a job interview as a labourer at Eirini Rising.
Felix, overwhelmed by JJ’s proximity, hints to Jools that he plans to bolt once he’s saved enough money – even if it means breaking parole.

Meanwhile, JJ is spooked when he sees Slade and his mates in the area. Later, crossing paths with the gang in the complex, he is cornered. Slade shoves JJ, who attempts the self-defence moves that Andrew taught him. But Slade easily blocks them. Just as JJ’s about to get pummelled, Felix scares the gang off,
earning JJ’s admiration.


Panicked, Nell tells Andrew about Hugo being trapped in the boot of Slade’s car. Terese and Toadie are both shocked and terrified, and the fraught emotions between them only make the crisis more difficult to navigate.

Toadie wishes his family could support each other, while they all desperately wait for the police to find Hugo…

JJ has another run-in with Slade, drawing on Felix’s advice, standing up to Slade and successfully psyching him out. Slade flees, and JJ’s left feeling buoyed. He thanks Felix, who grows uncomfortable with the praise and that JJ seems to be growing a fondness towards him. Knowing he can’t stick around in Erinsborough forever, Felix makes a fateful decision…

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